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Zenonzard | What is this New Anime AI Card Game?

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Zenonzard is a card game with an AI that learns from your play style. All games are against the AIs of other people, you don’t play against actual humans. This allows you to play with no time limits and long pauses, convenient for playing on the go or when multitasking.

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  1. the concept it's pretty interesting, i would love to see it evolve into another games

  2. Would be nice but I dislike blue stacks etc. So if it comes specifically for pc will probably try!

  3. "There's nothing worse in card game than taking 60 seconds every turn"

    Self- burn that's rare.

  4. Very interesting. Gave it a download, well see how the concept actually plays out. Thanks for showing us this!

  5. This looks awesome! I'm wondering, is it sponsored or is it just a look at a good card game

  6. Just downloaded the game, but i got stuck at black screen right after the questions part (Tutorial). Does anyone else have the same problem?

  7. loool alright i see u fam u get paid now alright yeah boi

  8. This game looks nuts! 🥜 I can’t wait to spend money into getting all the cool cosmetic features to customize my player experience! Thanks swim!

  9. Just look at the video and we know they paid you xddddd, its in your right :3

  10. It's like Pokémon, but you train ai to battle. Each game played with your ai is like leveling up

  11. That game is super boring, i did play it, compare to runeterra

  12. interesting game ; but like all the other card game (excluding LOR) extreamly p2play

  13. Omg the voice actor (Jun fukuyama) at @2:53 voiced Lelouch in Code Geass

  14. im a hardcore anime fan and watcher, but this game looks shit

  15. Interesting game, I am giving it a try, but for now it suffers from the same problems as most online tcg. To much things going on in terms of cards, events, etc. And obviously pay to win (but this is tcg in general)

    That's what I like so much about runterra, as a new comer you are not bombarded with information at the start, and can start building your own or meta decks in little time

  16. Wow, that concept is so good, dont like the style thought

  17. do you have any idea on how this game wil me monotized?

  18. I would click the link but you didn't say it was a paid advertisement

  19. Wow, this is literally card game for me.
    Waifu interactions + TCG + vs Bots(because it doesn't induce my competitive personality and I can just have fun with the game.)
    Thank you for introducing this game for me Swim. -/-

  20. Although I respect games like this I dont like the idea of a "hint" mechanic in a pvp game, if ur going to let someone tell you how to play might as well not play it uk?

  21. Yesterday I read about the NSCAI and their mission to keep USA ahead of China in terms of Artificial Intelligence (machine learning).
    One day later there is a video about a card game that machine learns while you play it.
    What a coincidence. 😀

  22. Yeah it's not because of the anime tiddies right swim

  23. Money, money, money 
    Must be funny 
    In the rich man's world

  24. Why is there no word on how to get cards or in general the business model behind the game?

  25. WAIT A MOMENT! The game feels like Pokémon duel for the draws, music and buttons… i am in real cOnFuSiOn

  26. Thanks for sharing that game. I think the idea of AI is briliant. Would love to see this in more TCGs. But I'm not sure if I like the game it self.

  27. this seems like one of those games when someone wouldn't openly admit to enjoying it

  28. My game screen got black and consuming net like crazy is it down loading for something else

  29. Strange – this game won't work with my Nox player but now I got the Bluestack and with it I am able to play Z^^

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