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ZENITH: The World’s First VR Anime MMORPG

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ZENITH: The World’s First VR Anime MMORPG
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People have been asking me why I don’t do videos on VR MMORPGs. My answer to that had always been that there was no VR MMO at the time worth covering.
That changed today, though, when a game I’d been following, a VR MMO called Zenith released a brand new trailer showcasing the game, its progress through the development cycle and what players had to look forward to. The trailer in specific was released on the 4th of September, but I wasn’t aware it was available until just now.

So let’s take a moment and see what we have to look forward to in what is arguably the most advanced, highly anticipated VR MMORPG – coming to a VR headset near you in 2021.
Zenith looks really good to me. I know there are going to be some people that complain about the graphics, the world, the combat. How “VR MMOs aren’t ready yet” because they don’t look how you expected them to look, but this is a great step in the right direction.
I think this game has a lot of potential to be something really great, and I look forward to seeing how the game continues to come together over the next year leading up to its release.


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About Zenith:
Zenith is an upcoming VR Anime MMORPG.
Engage in Combat
Parry the cold steel of your enemy’s blades, time your blows for ultimate efficiency, stagger your enemy, and execute devastating combos.
Meet New Friends
Zenith was built to be an infinite universe with countless players. Join parties and guilds as you fight epic world bosses, plunder the depths of exciting dungeons, and build a new life in the most fully realized online VR world ever constructed.
Explore a Gorgeous World
From relaxing ocean side towns to massive white cap mountain tops, every corner of Zenith has been built for immersion.
ZENITH: The World’s First VR Anime MMORPG:


  1. just imagine a guild named kirito and all the players are named kirito lol

  2. When im on there you all better remember I'm a solo player I don't care if I go red status

  3. I'd like to play a multiplayer Diablo 2-style VR. All of that hack-n-slash / randomized loot. Oh, man. Imagine the VR trading via face to face!

  4. yeah it got free cosmetics that can BE EARNED best vrmmo 10/10 would kill someone to play it rn ngl

  5. 'there are no real vr mmo's worth covering.' – So orbusVR: Reborn just doesn't exist now?

  6. I'm probably going to get the game. But when I first heard the name I thought it was a weapon from terraria 😂

  7. I'm in the discord. The more I see about the game, the more hype I get. Also, I totally get the FF14 tank criticism (I'm a Paladin main). Only reason I play PLD is cause everything else feels exactly the same, while PLD at least has a Magic phase/Physical phase.

    Even with it on easy mode, some people still can't get it, though. XD

  8. Only thing I don’t like about zenith is the sci-fi pat

  9. I'm gonna be the black swordman(Kirito) in zenith

    Who will be my Asuna😳😳???

  10. I just hope Ima get stuck and marry a Beautiful girl

  11. I've been waiting for technology to advance to this level, I'm so excited lol honestly, i don't even have a VR headset but I am defo gonna buy one and if I happen to reincarnate into zenith… no complaints here 🤷‍♀️

  12. comment if you dont have a vr set but your a sao fan

  13. It is really a FVRMMORPG (feminist vrmmorpg).

  14. I would get excited by this, but this looks an awful lot like nostos, and that died after taking alot of money from people. Going to stay sceptical of this one.

  15. Man I just want a game with a good melee combat system. But instead we keep getting shit like this where they just stand there and do a bunch of pre made turn attacks.

  16. I've been waiting for a game like this now I just need some nerve gear

  17. Ooooh I can't wait!! I got an Oculus Quest 2 just a week ago 😀

  18. Being real, this looks really bad, the game looks like It Will be really bad

  19. Actually it's pronounced "Zenith" not "Zenith" duh. I mean "Zenith" just sounds wrong, and "Zenith" sounds much better

  20. It just went up for presale and the alpha. Which starts in 1 month

  21. ah yes Fortnite my favorite MMOVRPG…

    Thank you YouTube very cool

  22. I got bored of watching that gameplay

  23. i've never liked anime until recently and there is still some weird shows that im not to sure ill ever watch but this looks like alot of fun

  24. yes. this game is about Fortnite. Anyways I JUST PREORDERED THIS IM SO HYPED.. i missed kick starter by 2 days so getting a pre alpha exclusive reward.. SO CLOSE. gonna get both them beta and alpha doe.

  25. No Dragon race? Not interested. I can't build my harem without that kind of aura.

  26. It looks great! I am just hoping this has a good campaign. If it doesnt.. It might ruin it, especially a game like this

  27. I don’t care if I get stuck in it or die I just wanna play

  28. So do we wait for Truck Kun to hit us to go this world or what

  29. I'll play it if Akihiko Kayaba is part of it

  30. Just imagine how VRMMORPG games would look in 10 years

  31. Zenith: * EPIC TRAILER *
    Everyone: Zenith ~ ZEEEnith

  32. This is going to be so exciting
    When is it going to release?

  33. Now lets wait for one like Overlord’s Yggdrasil

  34. Mmorpgs have been something I've been Interested in for while, and if I could be able to play that on vr top then shoot I've got no problem with that. Especially since I just recently got a vr headset

  35. I swear there will be like 1000000 guilds called knights of the blood oath

  36. Is there parties friends and quest here cuz im in im ready to train my body just to get reincarnated there

  37. aaaaand it's set for ??/??/2021 now, and requires a vr headset (which is fine for me since i wanna play this on vr)
    How many times has this been postponed or changed?

  38. Ooooo can’t wait lol just fineshed all Sao lol now I need a game like it

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