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  1. Riot please fix your first game and then keep making new one

  2. Damn saw this guy on a streamer team. But damn his reactions are so annoying and arrogant. This guy probably didnt get 1 mil subs by talking jeez

  3. I wanna see the reason why yasuo became the unforgiven in anime

  4. Ganyan naamn kayo RIOT e naglalabas kayo ng mga bago at madadayang champion ung skin nung Ibang champ o ung mga dati pang champ tulad ni voli ornn ung mga wala pang skin gawan nyo muna bago kayo maglabas ng mga new champ at baguhin yung map naiisip bakayo

  5. Whats the name of the game the one that shows blitz gameplay

  6. They would make more profits by doing one epic MMO then both Runeterra and Project A

  7. please make project A good so overwatch can finally die

  8. Imagine Riot Games making story based games in future for specific/or each champs with their lore as the main story line for the game.

  9. I love how in the start moe is all like: pshhh, what is this mobile game lmao.
    to being completely silent by how amazed he is at the games they are releasing

  10. urf is the only thing they did great. other's are mostly just a meh

  11. I love the fact that everyone is excited for League MMO in the chat but the video ended without the announcement

  12. League players calling card game players nerds OMEGALUL

  13. Лайк, если заходишь сюда уже 100 раз чтоб посмотреть реакцию

  14. senna is just an ana from overwatch in league of legends

  15. Moe keeps saying mmo me in my head

  16. If u ever wanna try a mobile game that is like league of legends try mobile legenfs

  17. 18:20 "who's that" when ur literally maining, and calling yourself after yas.
    Yasuo's dead brother: am i a joke to you?

  18. top down MMORPG will be waste of time , if its not third person perspective it will never succed , i wanna explore the world of runeterra in 3rd person perspective not top down to see the ground

  19. “This is NOT a port from computer”

    Moe: CaN i PlAy WiTh MoBiLe PlAyErS???

  20. fr tho, they did evryblizzard game to exist xD, still exited

  21. "we're not bored anymore"

    Now valorant comes out and rage every game.

  22. Is all jokes untill you see wild rift sees better then normal lol

  23. great way of thinking…
    putting all the champions and fit them in certain categories in the game industry.
    and i'm fckin thrilled and hype for the mmo one because I'm hoping
    for a semi-realistic powered by unreal engine with that.

    I'm still waiting for a a mario kart or alspaht like game Riot.
    still expecting to you to cover up all the game categories from this company. <3

  24. The mc looks pretty ugly in the anime, am I the only one?

  25. cringe to watch with yassuo underestimate how successful lol mobile (wild rift) is nowadays… lmao

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