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Why is Nobody Talking About This NEW Anime Game!?

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Scarlet Nexus is the new anime game coming out & nobody is talking about it and I wanna know WHY? So today, we’re looking at Gameplay Trailers & NEW gameplay and talking about it ourselves!

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  1. I think the reason no one's talking about it is because it's bandai. And we don't have too many high expectations for them tbh

  2. Everyone knows about it but ye no one takes about it for some reason. Maybe because they don't release enough of it

  3. It reminds me of Horizon Zero Dawn & Nier: Automata.
    & Ngl, when I saw the samurai with the Hat, immediately reminded me of the Akatsuki & the 2nd boss reminded me of the creatures from Twilight princess 😅

  4. Scarlet Nexus is HYPE but the reason nobody is covering it is because it's Bandai Namco, who copyright claim anything with their games lol

  5. The world design and concept of the game seems dope af

  6. IM READY FOR THAT MILES MORALES AND THAT RAGNAROK. hopefully this is just me cause i love this game but i would for asuras wrath to get a new game or a bring back the first game and make a sequel

  7. Only cuz its a bandai game and i learnt not to get to hype for bandai published games before release.

  8. Spiderman Cyberpunk and Black Myth Wukong


  10. I remember this from the Xbox Tokyo Game Show but I might wait so i can buy it on disc for next gen.

  11. Is it just me or does the world design look like shin megami tensei nocturne

  12. Don't over ignore God Eater the God Creation Father and Mother of them ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!

  13. The concept looks cool we'll see if they can execute correctly

    So far it looks like a beat'em up that has little puzzle elements but its for sure missing something.

  14. This looks like its gonna be hella pretty on next gen

  15. Man I most def ready for that new god of war..I wouldn't mind a naruto fighterz type game or jump force 2 hopefully it's better than 1 and a new mk or injustice game would slap

  16. Ngl look that new gameplay trailer for ‘Sakuna: of rice and ruin’ 🔥🔥

  17. This could be Devil May Cry 5 Meets Code Vein

  18. Damn I wanna see my guy review Black Myth: WuKong

  19. I wanna cop this. Edit: It seems like its only on the xbox, which might be part of the reason it hasn't gotten too much hype

  20. This game definitely gives me vibes of Gods Eater than Astral Chain, but it looks highly interesting and maybe a undercover smash hit. I'm hoping it does well and Bandai will give it justice in terms of proper marketing to have it shine as a cult classic. ❤💙💜🌈🌹😸👍

  21. Waiting for more information on Scarlet Nexus or maybe a demo. Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok… maybe something like a new inFAMOUS or Sly Cooper after Ghost 2.

  22. We gonna talk about how the enemies are plants?

    Also the dub sounds terrible

  23. I cant believe i'm hearing about this game today. Will cop if i can.

  24. Yeah not gonna lie to you, I’m 100% sold lol I’ll be getting it

  25. Okay I never heard of this til now because well I'm staying on pc and may cop a switch but this looks so interesting. I love the style and the english va's actually sound GOOD. I can see why some wouldn't be too interested in it considering it kind of looks like an anime mmo at first glance like closers at least to me. But the rest of the trailers gives it, its own feel for real.

  26. Dio needs to take notes, when Yuito drops a vehicle it is a actual car instead of a road roller

    Kill in stile

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  28. I've been obsessing over this game for a while, mainly because the director(?) worked on Code Vein. I can also answer a few questions you brought up.
    As far as we know, there will be no co-op. The characters you've seen so far (besides the main two that I'll get into later) are all NPCs, most of which can join your party. Members of your party can lend you their powers, which could be seen when the male main character started using fire attacks. Recently, we also see him borrowing the teleportation powers of another teammate.
    The two playable characters are Yuito (guy with a sword) and Kasane (girl with white hair). They both have telekinesis as their main power, but Kasane fights with a sword.
    I am assuming you are exactly right with the "berserk mode" thing you pointed out. I believe it allows you to use telekinesis with impunity.

  29. Honestly, it looks more like God Eater 3 than Asteral Chain. Not that it's a bad thing since I've always liked God Eater. We'll have to see if the mobs get a bit smarter and if it's not a total cakewalk.

  30. I have never heard of this game but it looks pretty cool.

  31. I would say for me i didnt care for this game cause as soon as i seen it it never showed back up and plus I found genshin soon after this and that captivated me so personally i just havent seen anything in scarlet to make me go yeah let me see what this about oooh scarlet

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