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Why Anime Arena Fighters Get No Respect

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Anime Arena Fighters have a bad rep. But how much of it is warranted and why are they so despised among the FGC? Tune in and I’ll tell ya why.
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  1. whenever we play against jrpg bois in SSBU I feel like this

  2. The only reason most of us played mmorpg for so long was the team based PVP.

  3. Man, I'm an anime fan and though I'm not a competitive player, I do enjoy good fighting games, and even though I suck at most of them I really REALLY hate how plain most of anime fighting games are. They're straight up boring and frustrating, having to look at long ass animations just to perform a special attack

  4. Ok, so basically this video is just someone bitching about casual games LMAOOO

  5. This video makes me actually want to buy Jump Force for the first time ever because of how badly it misses the point of Arena fighters…

    You play these to get a feel for the characters and enjoy doing reenacting fun shit from the series. They were never meant to be compared to a competitive fighting game because they aren’t one. Smfh

  6. Absolver is a good 3d fighter, that works quite well as a team game. Now if only people played it…

  7. i wouldn’t be surprised if the fighting game community didn’t even know there were other kinds of games

  8. So what I'm hearing is it's disliked primarily because it's harder to win by hitting a single punch and then combo your opponent across the arena.

  9. Says you're always facing your opponent in 3d fighters.
    Voldo players crying out in italian confusion.

  10. Hero Academia deserves so much better than One’s Justice. It doesn’t have to be a fighter, it could just as well be an RPG. Heck, it wouldn’t even need to follow the main series! It’s not like they’re opposed to doing spin-offs, look at Vigilantes.

    Bah! What a waste…

  11. If arena fighters are lazy then raid is the arena fighter of mobile games

  12. True, but im just happy to fuck up my friends as rock lee or shikamaru in uns4

  13. I just wanna say that I love xenoverse 2 combat because it's all about stamina management. For example z-vanish (the combo breaker) it uses two bars of stamina but it's not a great idea to spam it because if you don't have enough stamina to z-vanish you're enemy might break your stamina and then you'll eat an ultimate. So a lot of the time you have to think about whether or not to take the combo and if you're predictable with your eat a back hit and you just wasted your stamina wich I've already explained why that's not good. And then you have ki, character combos, different supers, evasives, poking with ki blasts and much more. So that's why I really like xenoverse 2 and I highly recommend watching some high level play.

  14. To me Anime Arena fighters tend to capture the feeling of the source material more and to be honest thats why I tend to have more fun with them. I mean the reason im playing an anime game is to feel like im playing in that world. For example while Fighterz is a fun game it doesn't capture the feeling of Dragonball to me because how restricted you are and how slow it is. Compared to something like xenoverse or tenkaichi where you can fight just like the source material and have freedom to fly everywhere and smash through buildings and such. 2d may be more technical and deeper but the arena fighters gives me more of what I want.

  15. Super late comment, but…
    My two most played games are BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and Jump Force. So I think I have some experience.
    Jump Force is very button-mashy compared to BlazBlue. And I play Cross Tag. But Jump Force isn’t a bad game, definitely. It’s incredibly fun and ranked is decent. But one has a definitely more competitive playstyle, so whatever appeals to you appeals to you. Not an analysis, but it’s my own bad opinion.
    Thank you for reading this trash dumb of a comment.

  16. I think priorities play a big part in what can make or break these games.

    Games like the Storm series put a lot of stock in their single player adventure content and depiction of the Naruto story through impressive cutscenes, while games like DB FighterZ are much more competitively viable but the single player content is pretty much a complete joke. NO ONE talks about the story mode in that game. I don't play the Storm games like competitive fighters, but more like action adventure games with fighter game like combat, which is something other anime arena fighters can't hold themselves up to. Brawl is easily the worst Smash game competitively, but the existence of Subspace Emissary gives it lasting value for some fans despite that. Sure, some games like the Persona Arena games can have the fun story and the strong fighting mechanics, but I think it's because they knew that merely having the battle mechanics wouldn't be enough to draw Persona fans in by themselves.

    You kind of need to put your eggs in one basket or the other. If you don't have either strong mechanics OR strong story content for the single player fan, the worth is pretty much non-existent.
    Jump Force for instance, even with its lackluster mechanics/ugly graphics, it could've actually had a really fun story mode with its anime crossover premise but instead it's a really lame story with comically bad cutscenes, uncanny animations, out of character moments and much more.

  17. I'd love to see king in a fighting game, that'd be amazing

  18. He gets to the damn point after three minutes of cancer.

  19. Honestly I think SSBU could have been the biggest non-classic fighting game ever… if they put a little bit more effort into at least acknowledging the competitive aspect and made a working online mode… but they're extremely stubborn over there lol

  20. DBZ Tenkaichi 3 is 100% the BEST Arena Fighter to date

  21. I swear if That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime gets a game made and it's another lazy as fuck Anime Arena fighter…

    Seriously, do these game devs have any fucking idea how boring these types of games get?

  22. 9:22 hell yeah.
    Someone will mention how many characters there are in some of these games and I'm just like, boy it's just a new skin. They play just like everybody else

  23. A Raid Shadow Legends. This was made in late 2020.

  24. yay! raid casino legends! they must've paid you a lot to pretend you like autoplay gambling game

  25. I play these type of So called arena name fighters for the one player story mode experience (if it has one) more so than as purely strictly a fighter where I play against human opponents

    To me the human vs human aspect of the game is like a side dish bonus to have casual fun but nothing to take too seriously

    So because of this reason I don’t mind them

  26. These games are for people who just want to have fun, and IMO, those who look down on games like these are huge elitist snobs

  27. I havent played kill a kill if, but its situation sounds a lot simlar to Blade Symphony's situation. I suppose thats also an arena fighter, but with aiming.

  28. "Oh man he's so good at the game"
    No you're not. You're a scrub that thrives in a game with poor fairness and balance. A broke character with the objectively best MUs in the game. Oppressive strikes and no throw. No strategy. Cheap tactics that make you look like you're cocky scrub with no neutral game.

  29. No one didn't know there's a shrek superslam (also there's also cartoon fighting game like punchtime explosion and nickelodeon all-stars brawl)

  30. I just feel like a lot of animes would be better as action adventure games, where the games story is treated like a non canon side arc to the main story. Hell they already do a ton of non canon side arcs in the form of movies anyway so a game in this style would be fine.

  31. im sorry but what about xenoverse? It has very good combo systems, mechanics and all the complexity stuff requred, it is possible to have team based fighting, not to mention you get to customize your caracter, if that is not depth idk what is, it even feels different when playing caracters, for example playign brolly is a lot different than playing goku.i realy dont know what is the deal with xenoverse tbh..

  32. I’m an arena fighter fan but a lot of em do kinda suck but i think it’s somewhat another future for fighting games. Maybe even the future. Just add dmc controls and you got a 3d fighting game.

  33. they do get respect when they are good and jump force is not

  34. Question, what about Pokken tournament/Pokken Tournament DX? It combines the camera angle of both anime fighters like Jump Force and has a mode where if you smack your opponents enough times, makes it a set camera like Street Fighter. So what do you say about that?

  35. The last arena fighter I ever played that felt like a real fighting game with a lot of depth was Anarchy Reigns.

  36. The only good arena fighter I've seen in a long time is the Killa la Kill one(still think it has an awful name tho, Kill a Kill the game: If? Seriously?) And of course, it's made by Arcsys.

    For one it's animation is actually good instead of being tacky and bland, which makes sense, it's Arcsys. And the gameplay is actually pretty decent. If Pokken counts that's pretty decent too

  37. Wait, didn't ArcSys make the KillLaKill game?

  38. The only problem I have with these games are the players. You see them come to our forums every time they pick up an actual fighting game and are puzzled why they can't win in it. They then call the game bad and predictably people will tell em to just git gut. Which is when they pull out the "I am actually a very experienced 3D arena fighter player, I know how to play" card. They then proceed to trash the game and say it's just poorly made (how ironic), ignore any sensible argument and proceed back to their anime game where they can feel powerful.
    I find these people to be pretty insufferable. People always wanna believe they're good, and if they're not, they'd rather blame the game. These arena fighters are an illusion of that, where everyone gets to feel like they're good. Real fighting games aren't that nice to the player, they're not feel good kinda games. At least not until you put a ton of practice into them.

  39. I swear to god shut the fuck up about Raid

  40. Real fighting games> other genres> arena fighters, mobile games, board games, no games, dog shit, fortnite

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