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Genshin Impact (2020)

Which new anime games for Android to play in 2021?

As for the new anime games, Android users have quite a choice. Clearly, this is one of the most popular categories in 2021.

What’s there to expect?

  • Most of the titles are fightings. This fact does not prevent them from being completely different and unique
  • They include lots of extras: trophies, badges, skins, etc
  • Much emphasis is put on social features

5 new anime games for Android

1.   Genshin Impact (2020)

Simple at first sight, this RPG turns out to be surprisingly deep. With tense gameplay at its core, it has plenty of exciting features. Besides the combat itself, you dive into cooking, alchemy, and other challenges. Multiple characters and regular updates make it even better. Plus, it has a very artsy design.

2.   Sword Art Online: Alicization Growing Steel (2020)

Sword Art Online Alicization Growing Steel (2020)

Would you dare to enter the Underworld? If the answer is yes, don’t hesitate to download this JRPG adventure. Immerse yourself into a rescue story with many twists. Enjoy the Spirit Battle System. And get the full collection of swords from the original series.

3.   Naruto: SlugfestX (2020)

Naruto SlugfestX (2020)

This is the latest 3D Naruto Action RPG. Join the multiplayer battle with all the familiar faces and voices included. Assemble your Ninja Team to complete even the toughest quests. Form Sync Pairs by playing the main story, through scouting, or during certain events.

4.   The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross (2020)

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross (2020)

Being the Editors’ Choice on Google Play, this one is definitely worth your attention. Prepare for the Holy War. Unite the forces to take down demons in DeathMatch mode. Or explore the PvP content. Combine the cards to activate the Ultimate Move. What is also cool is the fact you can get items with Google Points.

5.   My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero

This open-world RPG brings different modes: PvP, Alliance, Dorm System, and others. The super-human society is waiting for you. Enrol the real heroes to save the world.

Good luck in searching for the best new anime games for Android!

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