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What is.. BLUE PROTOCOL? 2022’s Best Free Anime MMORPG

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Blue Protocol is a beautiful upcoming AAA budget Anime inspired MMORPG developed by Bandai Namco, the very same development studio behind popular titles like the Tales of franchise, Scarlet Nexus, God Eater 3, Code Vein and even the upcoming Elden Ring and Digimon Survive games.
Yet even though Blue Protocol is as anticipated as it currently is, there are plenty of people out there that continue to ask me “What is Blue Protocol?” – with people even going as far as not even recognizing what the game is when I feature gameplay of it in other videos.

It is with this in mind that today I want to take several minutes of your time and walk you through what Blue Protocol is, and why players are as excited as they are.

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This is by far my most anticipated MMORPG of the next few years.


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  1. I'm one of those PVE lovers and would wish in the future that there are some kind of emergency events where a large number of monsters and bosses will try to invade the town and if the players failed to kill them all within the time limit or defend a certain area, the town will be unavailable untill all of the bosses inside the town are killed.

  2. Have u tried lost epic from steam? If not can u make first impression on it?😍

  3. Please tell me when it's going to release. I wanna quit Genshin. There is no challenging end game there.

  4. The waiting is killing me, for me the biggest disappointment of my life was black desert, they made us wait an eternity to make it nothing but a cash grab with no depth

  5. PSO2:NG disappointed me. Let's hope this game doesn't.

  6. Updates, content, quality gameplay and character creation make MMORPGs worth playing. Let's not forget the giant bosses and hard difficulty.

  7. i almost forget the game lol , there were no updae for month and still be it

  8. Real question

    This game was developed by Bandai Namco, how do we REALLY know it isn't satan and just stop updating to release Blue Protocol 2?

    The customization of charater was super limited when I tested it and I'm smelling a cashgrab like NGS.

    I don't get excited over AAA companies because they are shit (like SEGA, EA, Activision, etc) and specially FFS you seen what Bamco done to Ded or Alive series?.
    I also remember one of the most gorgeous games with the most potentials of all was Warframa which was basically made in a basement by 10 nerds making the voice acting themselves… then they sold to the chineses and lost their soul in the process.

  9. No PVP? Probably a lot less hackers then. *thumbs up. I'm game.

  10. @06:45
    One thing I've found out about game development, in my small time on this
    earth, is that, whether a game comes out early, or comes out late..
    If its going to be bad, all the time in the world, wont make it better.

    And from what I can tell, most delayed games are a sign, that devs don't have
    there sh*t together. And that's why it ended delayed in the first part.

    These game devs need to quit staying in a vacuum.

    And don't always pay attention to the biggest streamers… b/c normally they are going
    to tow the line and say whatever seems popular. Doesn't mean practical or good.

  11. As if the monster has mind on its own.. it keep flanking the player lol

  12. Waiting on the next beta sign up. I speak and read Japanese and live in Asia. I want to be playing this so terribly.

  13. really looking foward for this mmorpg i like the character design. Right now playing bdo

  14. "Yes, Thats right, this is a 100% pve mmo." You had me there! Shut up and take my money!

  15. 1.See action combat MMO
    2.Get excited
    3. Realising I live in SEA and there's never oceania server for anything. So I'll either get region locked or play with 200+ ping

  16. Kinda have the monster hunter vibes the moment u said no pvp :/

  17. Thank you for refreshing my hype for this game

  18. I'm done with all these companies. I swear I know no one predicted the pandemic, but my GOD! It's like no one had anything ready to release this year. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  19. will this be the true successor of Dragon Nest ?
    or will it follow it's downfall, by giving cosmetic item stats
    a lot off ppl saying PVE games is never P2W, u are playing MMO not single player game, the moment someone can spent money for in game advantage that other non-paying players can't get even with grind is bullshit

  20. Hey mmobyte can you check out the game Deepwoken I know it isnt from a studio or super big but give it a chance its everything a player would dream of

  21. ''A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad''

    A great quote from Shigeru Miyamoto. Smart man xD

  22. Our oldest has been grinding Genshin as her first video game in excitement for Blue Protocol. xD

  23. I just hope there is no greedy monetization

    I get it that F2P needs to make money somehow but P2W mechanics kill most games no matter how pretty or how fun the combat is. As long as they don't fuck that up the game should do well

  24. So… it's dragon nest with kinda open world?


    Every time i see a blue protocol game play clip is always a solo player running pve content or a small group doing their own thing but together. The people is there but you don't really play with them nor interact with them that much, that's a shitty mmorpg in my opinion. Where's the sense of community? where's the massive multiplayer aspect of the game? seeing a shit ton of people in town just afk or silently standing in front of an npc? a crowd of people hitting a world boss for the rewards and then bailing out without a word? i'm not seeing it.

  25. This game looks better every time you do a video on it (even when you use older footage, haha!). I'm very much anticipating this one. I don't think New World or Ashes of Creation are gonna hold my interest for very long (I could be wrong), but this game looks fun and stylish.

  26. Did we have underrated Bandai Namco? Recent Namco games seems not so bad, like Scarlet nexus and New Tales….(Was dark souls from Namco?)

  27. Wainting for years :3 come to me, BP 🙂

  28. I think having a subscription system to play will definitely reduce bot spamming, etc..

  29. You need to educate yourself if you think a gaming company is a monolith, there are individual studio’s…. Much less confusing from soft with them lol

  30. I will come back in 2045 to see if this game is still in closed beta.

  31. Is the camera automatically wiggling around like that or is that the mouse? That is awful.

  32. hopefully its not full open world cause I think full openworld its boring over time

  33. This looks nice its refreshing comming back to ur content after a long time 🙂

  34. I'm waiting for it but i need some more classes to choose from

  35. Blue protocol, my hype lowers every year ;(, this will be probably Global release on 2023,2024 ;( T:T

  36. I doubt we're gonna get this in the West in 2022…

  37. Hello, i just want to point out an error, at the beggining you listed some games Developed by Bandai Namco, and you said Elden Ring, which is wrong. Elden Ring its Developed by From Software and Published by Bandai Namco. Keep it up man, love your vids 🙂 <3

  38. im so hype for this game but not having a pvp is a huge letdown for me. I just dont see the essence of gearing up, farming and leveling up to only play against the environment/mobs.

  39. guess i'll be playing Shit World while waiting for blue protocol

  40. Without pvp, the devs really have to up their AI programming if theyre planning on just making dungeons for the end game, otherwise i dont know how they could give the more competitive and adrenaline-craving players happy. The GvG seems like an interesting middle ground where players compete with others players in a PvE setting, i just dont know how its gonna hold up. Beating a player by fighting them directly feels vastly different than just beating them by fighting mobs and having a slightly faster clear time than the other team.

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