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What if RUSSIA made ANIME Games? – Funhaus Plays Weird Indies

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  1. This could easily be a series, it has serious Wheelhaus vibes

  2. I miss when they played broken games all the time

  3. come back to funhaus after a year and the only thing on my mind was: "Who are these people James?"

  4. Charlotte has tapped into top tier Funhaus content.

  5. I don't really like Charlotte. I miss Elyse. I'm just kind of… not into Funhaus anymore. And that makes me really sad.

  6. Any chance you guys could play the ant game you used to play with Lawrence?

  7. That Poco game has a good premise of, girl with gun vs. medieval knights, shame they didn't polish it.

  8. 3:26 James trying his hardest to reel in what clearly started as a Rich Evans

  9. Alright. Every few weeks I watch Funhaus. Hasn't really gotten my attention on a while. Last time I saw "mc_lotta" (excuse my ignorance) they were Conor McGrath on Inside Gaming. Clearly they went through a transition that I was unaware of. It's been a very long time. And I literally just started the video, so I'm unaware of what they go by now, and their pronouns. What does this person go by now, and what are the preferred pronouns?

  10. This video was fantastic. I love when funhaus plays and mocks crappy games

  11. This is what this channel was made for

  12. Everything about this was great, I hope it becomes a regular series. Really loved it.

  13. It's only taken Bungie 20 years to give James what he's been waiting for in Destiny. Accurate WW2 aircraft landing strips

  14. Charlotte has such chaotic energy and I am here for it

  15. Thought that was Law dawg himself in those model lolol.

  16. Charlotte: "Let's jump to the heavens!"
    Game: "Unity-chan is down, 315.9m away."

  17. Jon seemed SUPER upbeat Poco House: Russian Slum Porno set theory… lol?

  18. Funhaus Plays Weird Indies, you mean like Wheelhaus?

  19. so this video is great, but if ya'll want grade A Funhaus you have to watch the Destruction All Stars video on the RT site!

  20. JAMES! I am so happy to hear you thought the game looked like Twisted Metal as well! I'm not surprised if Axel was your favorite 😏

  21. Adams spirit is in this game. thats why its so broken.

  22. Cool new fun drinking game!
    Take a shot everytime you see people say “funhaus is dead” or something similar. A fun game you and the whole family can enjoy!

  23. “What’s up doc?!” Charlotte had me cracking up with that

  24. More weird bad bullshit games like this pleeeeeeeeeeaase 🤗

  25. It’s Charlotte…Charlottes gonna save Funhaus..she’s the chosen one!

  26. Rabbit (free asset) will go down as one of the toughest boss battles in gaming history

  27. Finally, a BWB joke in a Funhaus video. My life is complete

  28. "Love is over."
    A bold statement from a bold indie! xD

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