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I looked through the Steam Store under the genre “Anime.”
Don’t judge me please, appreciate you!


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► It’s your last chance in new school

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“Dialga’s Fight to the Finish (Pokémon Cover)” by GaMetal


Thank you all for the amazing support!

– Myth / MythyMoo


  1. Mythymoo pls do the worst/cheapest scary games on Steam. For a cheap one that's sure to make you laugh because it's old so it's just bad now, try Cry of Fear. Might be free

  2. fuckin awesome, I would like to see more.

  3. honestly, I like how smite is still the main thing you upload but your channel got a renewed freshness with some variation in content. good balance!

  4. please ask hi-rez if u can voice a god with ritka's voice

  5. Anyone else realise that when the comedy text popped up he played DragonForce Through the Fire and Flames????

  6. ابراهيم علي ابودربالة says:

    4:35 Hello Hello HELLO HELLO! so funny

  7. You should definately do more of this! Lmfao great job.

  8. I think Harem Protagonist would be a fun romp.

  9. maybe some hot wizard101 playing for next monday?

  10. Please more of this 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Ur my fav YouTube but this video has me crying and laughing at the same time great work gtg drill my head in with a pepperoni

  12. are you Japanese? the way you speak i don't think so

  13. I love the pokemon mystery dungeon music at the end, good ol times

  14. Ok, so the school was a prision, someone was killed by a car WHILE IN A CLASSROOM

  15. Use should call these crispy mythycal Moondays

  16. love the dragonforce cameo. I love through the fire and flames.

  17. Ritka is a cute word for ass in my language.

  18. the girl in that last game should be a Scylla skin, and the headbutt is her recall animation

  19. Lol…. I bet that's what I sound like when I try to speak in Spanish class Omfg

  20. So, I'm 1 minute 30 seconds into this video and I am quite literally crying! MythyMoo you have killed me 😉

  21. you make fun of smite in every single video.

  22. omg id never laugh this much after having worst depression
    thank you so much

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