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We NEED To Talk About This New Anime Game

AfroSenju XL
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This game Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions caught me WAY OFF GUARD! I was NOT ready for this game to be this heat. Are we now entering the arc of sports anime games? I’m here for ALL of this if so

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  1. I'm going to call it fantasista. No matter what lol

  2. Bruh imagine a Hajime No Ippo game with today's graphics. Mmmmffffff

  3. This anime was a very famous cartoon in the early 90s around the world .. ppl who were born in the 80s would very much appreciate this game ..

  4. Bro if we get a haikyuu videogame I’ll be set for life bro Afro watch haikyuu

  5. How does this guy call himself a huge anime fan but can't pronounce Tsubasa?

  6. This reminds me of inazuma eleven. That shit was crazy with super powers as well.

  7. Since you like this wouldn’t you like Kuroko No Basket? Since it has dope as movement scenes? Idk if you watched it already

  8. Inazuma eleven games still better lmao

  9. Inazuma eleven game coming out on switch (;

  10. Lol its like Inazuma Eleven Soccer For the Wii 😂

  11. fifa: NAH!!! NAH!!!

    nba 2k: lmao, but nah!!

    this game: yes

  12. Afro you need to watch Kuroko no Basuke if you like all that extra shit !!

  13. Uhhhhh i hope it doesn't have ultimate team with packs but it probably will

  14. I used to watch this anime in the 90s in Mexico. Seeing a being made game for it makes me want to rewatch it.

  15. There's a soccer anime game called Inazuma Eleven, but it's not as great looking as Captain Tsubasa. Still was a great game tho in my opinion

  16. Wth you never watches Captain Tsubasa?? Bro please..

  17. I'm gonna wait until we get the Haikyuu one (I think it's called Cross Tag or something like that). Or an Eyeshield 21 game

  18. This like inuzuma eleven that shit used to bang back in the day and the Nintendo games

  19. Idk when i see sports games i think of EA problem where the good characters is behind a pay wall so Imma have to wait

  20. it looks like soccer spirirts all over agian

  21. Imagine having a Kuroko's Basketball game like this

  22. If Captain Tsubasa looks this good, I can't wait for the other sports animes to get games. Eyeshield, Ippo, Haikyuu, etc

  23. I played this game on an old nintendo console (don't remember) but he got it from japan because it was only in japan this game is addicting for a. Soccer game and is underrated trust me you gonna like it and its called captain tsubasa (sue-bah-sah)

  24. You should play the mobile version to get the concept of the game

  25. Captain Tsubasa is such a good anime. I'm so happy we're getting a game!


  27. 28th August 2020 Release Date. Trailer Out.

  28. Yooooooo, it’s lit. Can we get a Slam Dunk game aswell!

  29. Would you pick anime or your girlfriend/boyfriend or crush the obvious answer is anime if you don't pick anime that you aren't a real anime fan

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