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We Need To Talk About Anime Games

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Anime Games in 2021. WHERE ARE THEY? We need to talk about anime games, what’s going on? What’s the future of anime games? There’s nothing on the horizon other than Demon Slayer. Where’s Dragon Ball, Naruto, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan, and so many others. Where are the Anime Games?




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  1. It’s so sad that they confirmed Naruto ninja storm 4 is the last in the series that was my favourite anime game all time easily

  2. As soon as part 2 of season 4 ends they better release a new attack on titan game because it’s the perfect zone

  3. All ive wanted for years is an open world Naruto game, If Boruto had an open world even right were you can vist different villages i would love it

  4. Aot is in a tough spot, Making a new game is probably very nessary considering what happens but at the same time the amount of content would be low

  5. Your take on Naruto games is wrong. It's not just leaving money on the table.

    Since Naruto finished a lot of old fans don't have an active interest in Boruto. To make a new boruto/naruto game would undoubtedly be a risk because it is nowhere near the level of popularity that the franchise once was at. Yes, Boruto has a following, but that following is smaller than the Naruto following. Risk spending thousands of dollars creating a game that you know won't reach the same level of success as previous games did? It's a poor investment opportunity because you know the reward isn't worth the risk.

    I love Naruto. I watched every episode. Read every chapter. Bought and played every game; it was my childhood. I don't really care for Boruto anymore. I, like many other Naruto fans, wouldn't buy a Boruto video game.

    You also said that because there's an active modding community for old naruto games, that they would group together and play this game and "MIGHT" stick with it if it's good — then you literally say there's ZERO risk for developers/publishing studios because of this small group of modding gamers that still MIGHT stick with the game?? Lmao are you even aware of what you're saying bro? You literally just contradicted what you just said.

    "hey, make a new naruto game, but if it's bad then none of us OG fans will play it. Don't worry, there's no risk – just make the game.".


    I feel like your grounds for anime games is "it's popular, or it was popular, it deserves a game!". I feel like all of your opinions aren't really factoring in any actual analysis outside of simply being a fan of these animes and wanting to play video games.

    Like dude it literally takes years to make a video game. Expecting franchises like Ju Jutsu Kaisen to already have video games, despite only seeing relative success in the past year, is just unreasonable. Then you list what were clearly rushed anime games and deem them as tarnishing the anime's brand recognition…. ????

    It's just a youtube video and it's chill, but I would have liked you to actually go a bit deeper into analyzing anime games as opposed to literally regurgitating "anime popular? give it a game!". You could have actually talked about the animes and where they stand in terms of popularity (for example Attack on Titan wouldn't benefit from a game after its very controversial change of animation studios and manga ending; it undoubtedly would have reflected poorer sales to that of other AOT games simply because a large portion of the audience are dissatisfied with how the story ended and would prefer not to support the franchise any longer).

    Do some research and make the content worthwhile to watch; I learnt nothing from this video man.

  7. I'm just salty that my second favourite anime gets one game and probably the only game it'll get (for a long while anyway) and it was some major ass. That game was Tokyo Ghoul: Call To Deletethega- Exist.

  8. MK style combat would be pretty good for One Piece. They have a huge roster that would have alot of variety

  9. black clover if it gets a new game i think it could be an great turn based game or maybe an fighting game like hero from smash and kingdom hearts where theirs a menu and each charictor can customize there kit with different magic abilitys

  10. The fact he said promised neverland is funny like bruh it was such a let down at the end

  11. well, aot final season is no longer hunting titans anymore, it's already war themed, maybe if they made an Rts game it would be cool

  12. bro what about a vr SAO game everybody gonna buy a vr and the game

  13. Theres an upcoming bleach series maybe a bleach game? There are so many bleach games on mobile right now

  14. Hitman reborn or maybe a shaman king game given the anime has a reboot this year

  15. If CC2 ended up making a aot fighting game like Naruto storms and that demon slayer game, I would be happy

  16. digimon is got something on the horizon maybe (?)

  17. Back in the day we had no anime games that were utter shit. Naruto games were thriving in gameplay, dragon ball was going strong for years, hell even bleach had a good run starting from the psp. All the anime games now minus dragon ball fighterz are literally SO BAD.

  18. i've never really played any anime games, but i would really like to see a seven deadly sins game, either as a story or open world game. i feel like i would rlly enjoy an open world 7ds game. and it's sad because it's been getting a lot of negative attention for how horrendous s3 and 4 were, despite the manga and the first 2 seasons being amazing, so i don't think anyone would buy it. it's probably not gonna happen at this point, which is sad ig.

  19. they should bring MHA strongest hero to console

  20. am i the only one who wants a jjk game

    I think so

  21. dude you just announced my hero fighterz yourself


  23. i think there waiting till BORUTO is done so they resales a new game so next year they can bring bother one in BORUTO shipuden

  24. I would say I’d want a true single player – open world Naruto game with a rpg aspect (CC characters) and all the villages and full areas. I know it would be ambitious but I believe if done right with some slight inspiration from a Shinobi Strikers/Xenoverse or a Red Dead Redemption for world building, it could be a hit. With that in mind A One – Piece open world with custom characters and maybe some new Oda-original devil fruits where you have to travel the seas and can join crews or maybe the navy and it determines your story line.

  25. whats the BEST anime game I should buy right now? I always loved anime and video games but I actually never played an anime video game before (except maybe pokemon)

  26. Dude I would main fushiguro in a jjk game no question

  27. a one-piece MMO game and if no one is making it i will

  28. What was the second game at the beginning ? Right after Horizon

  29. glad to hear someone with a following say something about this! hopefully these game developers see this and try harder, for me i just want better games, it doesnt matter which franchise just as long as they make a good and lasting game out of it like dragonball fighterz, really wouldnt mind arc system works handling more anime franchises

  30. To be honest I would be happy with either game based on Dorohedoro (made by Ryu Ga Gotoku team) or Jujutsu Kaisen (made by CyberConnect or Platinum Games).

  31. Dont hate me

    Imagine an sao mmo
    Oh lord would that be great

  32. i want an actually good one piece game, if its a 3d fighter, make the characters running and attacking less slow and make running away less possible. if its another world seeker, have light and heavy attacks, better mobility, more abilities, and make the world feel more lived in with more interesting locations and way more npcs. it would also be really cool if it were a 2d fighter, with similar mechanics to fighterz. i dont really care what the genre is, i just want revenge for how developers have been treating one piece games

  33. The more I think about I think Black Clover could work as a new game, maybe a action rpg or probably a fighter

  34. There was PS2 dragon ball multiplayer game which was amazing.

  35. I can think of a few ways of how they can make those failed anime games good:

    -Black Clover could be a JRPG, something traditional like Dragon Quest or more action oriented like Final Fantasy.
    -Tokyo Ghoul could be made into an Action RPG, similar to Dark Souls or Nioh.

    I don't know, just an idea. I'll think about it little more.

  36. i want my actually good tokyo ghoul game and my season 4 aot game, i already have my aot 2 final battle and my money just waiting until they release something

  37. I guess scarlet, tales of, blue protocol won’t count huh?

  38. They lend themselves perfectly for JRPGs.

    Yet all we get are shitty arena fighters and rushed rpgs

  39. 8:40 I'm a die hard 7 Deadly Sins fan. Got into right when the game was announced.

    It came out. It looked and WAS God awful. So I didn't buy it.

    I'm so tired of that nonsense.

    The games aren't performing badly because of the IP. It's performing badly because they are rushed and poorly designed nonsense games trying to scam mkney out of fans.

  40. Hm it is a JOJO battle royale game on an arcade machine but it's exclusive in Japan

  41. Damn I forgot all about the Tokyo Ghoul and Fairy Tail games. Tell me at least one of them is decent.

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