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We Don’t Understand Anime Games | Trash Taste #8

Trash Taste
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  1. I was literally in a Walmart staring at fire emblem 3 houses when Conor brought it up, wtf.

  2. the only visual novel iv seen is nekopara XD

  3. I've heard Fate was good and considered starting it but now I'm not sure if I can handle starting it

  4. im with you connor 😆 i play the game cuz i wanna play not to hear a story so i just skip all the dialogues unless its important and i also like Multiplayer games i play dota tho not Lol

  5. I never played blue dragon but I watched the anime for it as it aired way back in like 2005/2006

  6. I started with eroges as well, but it was before google was a thing.

  7. Typing of the dead was so much fun! When I visited Japan I actually beat that one lmao

  8. Thank god finally I understood that Fate mess. Im hyped to watch more of it now

  9. Whats the time stamp for the british tv part

  10. Episode #7: Connor is a chess PRODIGY
    Episode #8: Connor is SMOOTH MONKEY BRAIN.

  11. Anyone else notice Joey's Danganronpa Jumper?

  12. If i play a game it needs to have a good story or to have a nostalgia to them to enjoy the story but most of the time i skip cutscenes .

  13. objection
    the third danganronpa is good.
    change my mind

  14. I used to be a maximizer and I kind of still am but im much more satisfied now and when I switched was when I lost, if you take to many losses(hard classes, people around you better at things than you) you go I have to do better then (get injured, cant stay healthy, bad relationship) and you go "I'm done" I just broke and got over it.

  15. i hate rpg games bc of how much shit is in it . too many items , complicated menu i like when a game kinda tells me what to do. also im with garnt where if i get invested in a game i look for everything in the game, talk to every npc i do everything

  16. Ngl im connor most of the time. I just hate when games waste my time for story i dont care about

  17. Summertime Saga is the best visual novel. I'm always hard everytime I play that game.

  18. Fate watch order (the one which i watched fate) –
    # Main Series –
    1. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
    2. Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel (movie trilogy)
    3. Fate/Zero (if you want you can watch it first)

    # then watch any of these –
    Fate/Extra: Last Encore
    Fate/Grand Order (First order OVA – Babylon TV Series – Camelot Movies)
    The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II
    Today's Menu for the Emiya Family
    Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya
    Carnival Phantasm

  19. Garnt sounded like a cringey preteen with his whole spill of being scared of having his time wasted. Guy everything we do is pointless and is literally us finding ways to waste

  20. Ok, so I wanted to see if age was a factor in Connor being bewildered. For some reason I was really shocked to find out that Gigguk is 6 years older than Joey and 7 older than Connor. Dude looks way younger to me for some reason. I thought Connor was the oldest and Joey and Gigguk were the same age till now.

  21. if it wasn't for Connor I would just think fate is bait for people too into 2d girls and not an actual show that might be worth watching.

  22. I got into visual novels because of eroge lol
    Best time of my life

  23. Maybe with something like final fantasy ..conner can start reading the story? Also i recommend golden sun franchise because sometimes you need to talk to literally every npcs to proceed to the next chap

  24. It depends where you go ive been arcades in akihabara Tokyo and Osaka i didn't actually see any fate go machines. I did get to experience the luigis mansion game in the sega arcade in aki and it was so damn fun playing it. They even have a real vacuum styed controller in the cabinet. Conners right the house of the dead game is on the 3rd floor of sega by the train station in akihabara

  25. "The one called saber"… so… no one. There is no character called saber xD

  26. jojo fortnite game? japan please let us have something

  27. Editor for this podcast, every time they talk about a sideline video from their own channel, can you include it on the card at the top? Also for references from conversations from previous episodes, place the card at the top for the clip from that episode. Thank you.

  28. Connor soul play Skyrim…. Just the game for him

  29. I know he meant to say Fate/Kaleid, but I swear it sounded like Fate/Chlamydia – good name for an Abridged?

  30. I got into Fate/stay night by watching the Studio Deen adaptation and I loved it. Ufotable's adaptations are much, much better, but I wouldn't reccomend starting with them, especially not Fate/Zero because there are references in them that one would only understand after having watched the original series. Do like I did and follow the release order (but you can skip the spin-off shows, they're mediocre and sometimes downright awful).

  31. ‘Women are like pokemon u have to collect them’

  32. I listened to this before I got into Fate and was so confused and then I got into Fate and now it makes sense.

  33. The genetic word Connor was looking for is “predisposed”

  34. I know this is over a year old, but how did you get the whole Fate thing so wrong? it's not that complex.

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