Tsunade is literally GAMBLING on this New Anime TD GAME | Roblox - animegamematome.tokyo

Tsunade is literally GAMBLING on this New Anime TD GAME | Roblox

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Tsunade is literally GAMBLING on this New Anime TD GAME | Roblox

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  1. AAHAHAHAHA man i should watch naruto XD its funny to see u pronounce everything wrong

  2. its called shukaku just like naruto and kurama but its gaara and shukaku its a tailed beast its the first tailed beast and also that dragon is called “kirin”

  3. that dragon was sasuke's kirin (the lightning dragon jutsu

  4. How is he able to play it says games down also there is other players so i think its just down rn

  5. The cloud attack from sasuke is called Kirin in the anime and the secret is sukaku he is 1 tail he’s garaa tailed beast

  6. My account was removed so I made this one says:

    The game is not even out yet

  7. 1th tailed beast: the susanoo of gaara

    Bruh lol

  8. Here Snow that “monster” is Gaara’s tailed beast he is a jinchuriki

  9. My friend made the effects snowrbx best yt

  10. Being that this game is only based on Naruto and Boruto, there’s only so much content they can pump out. ASTD has maintained its numbers due to the diversity of different anime’s. I don’t suggest spending robux on it lol. 1 month and it’ll be dead. I recon that the devs paid these Youtubers for them to expose this game… all of the sudden every ASTD youtube is talking about this game before it came out… weird

  11. "susanoo of gaara"is it the new name of shukaku?(jk LOL)

  12. Snow made a new meme 10/10 meme too. Who said I was Orochimaru IM HIS COUSIN OROCHIMURU

  13. Snow can you do a waifu aka rimeru army video he it is a hybrid but he solos bro he strong


  15. Do a ultra koku black showcase its so op

  16. That intro was the best thing I have ever seen in my life…

  17. Game kind of sucks if you don't get good units before Sand Village

  18. this nigga snowrbx should really stop pretending he knows much about naruto

  19. that beast is gaara's tailed beast or cool sand giant beast that used to hate humans you know like naruto has 9 tailed demon fox well he's actually a tailed beast of naruto same thing for gaara but gaara has the 1 tails and naruto has the 9 tails

  20. Judging by the intro snow probably has started watching Jujutsu kaisen


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  22. it is out the thumb nail said she seemed mad did Jiriya take out his…….

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