Tower of Fantasy - Should You Play the New Anime MMORPG? -

Tower of Fantasy – Should You Play the New Anime MMORPG?

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Tower of Fantasy – Should You Play the New Anime MMORPG?
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It’s finally here: Tower of Fantasy has released, and people all over the world are playing it.


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Tower of Fantasy is a 2D immersive open-world handheld game developed by Hotta Studio. It combines de-labeled characterization, film and television-grade motion capture, high-freedom world exploration, and a scrappy sci-fi art style with a variety of scenes, interactive puzzle elements, and fast combat feel, to tell you a post-apocalyptic story of rescue and destruction.

Unreal 4 engine creates 2500*2500 seamless world, motion capture system gives the character real dynamic, various scenes interaction can be used for everything, low threshold, high depth, high refreshing operation system precisely meet the needs of all levels, careless action can trigger the hidden plot, gradually unlock the secret behind the main story. The fate and future of the world is in your hands every second!


  1. I look at like this, as long as the dev team are & going to be working on the issues & making it as they've claimed or made it out to be I'm fine with that before global. But, as long its not like a few other console game releases I don't want to bother on to waste mentioning where they didn't do nothing but grab their money & dash-off $$. Games always have hiccups, but dev teams just have to be held responsible on correcting issues & problems to come. & Have a Happy Holidays to Everyone 🎄🎁

  2. Problem is, when ToF releases global version it probably got flushed away by another game with newer and better graphic.

    Next problem to be concerned is, when you wish to spread the game to global you need either good reputation so foreign publisher will pick up your game or you have to invest shit ton of money yourself to translate and voice the character in EN and/or JP.

  3. Chinese developers are so telented when it comes to coming up with games like these. Pity that China as a country holds them back.

    Wish I had enough resources to help them out. Anyways, hope to see this game thriving eventually.

  4. when people do rate game they haven't played its kinda annoying af :/

  5. I fully understand the false positive reviews.
    If the game is completely bombed this early, that will severely diminish chances of the game being allowed to grow and improve.
    They're betting on potential, and that's a worthwhile gamble, because a positive review costs you nothing.

  6. fortunately, the community that plays ToF aren't just people who gives the game a glance and shakes their head. To me, people that leave the 5 star reviews (the ones that play it first) are people that believe in the game, I get the impression that they believe in the game because it has elements and mechanics they were looking for in a game that could not find anywhere else. I too have a good belief for the success of tower of fantasy.

  7. hopefully the global version got pc client together. not later than the global release

  8. I would agree about not being able to leave a review if you haven't played the game, but heavily disagree about not leaving 5-star reviews if you feel good about the game's future and you're not that bothered by current game's problems. Especially since even before release ToF is under constant review bombing from GI players

  9. I've been playing ToF for over 5 hours a day since December 19th, and my current experience is pretty much representative of most players. Here are some tips for foreign friends (there should be an international version of ToF, but it will be a while). The gameplay is much richer than the GS, and the overall gameplay is more MMO oriented. It mainly includes :1. PVP this you only need to get weapons, the value of everyone is the same, this has ranking and reward, do not play it doesn't matter. 2. Weekly and daily Instance Zones. Daily Instance Zones work the same as GS. Zones can be collected three times a week. This mode strongly recommends a 4 player team, preferably a fixed one, some of them are unresurrectable or have a limited number of times, and the enemy damage is very high, it takes 4-5 minutes to kill him, and his maximum dph is already higher than most player HP. For example, the maximum AOE damage of a boss in a mode opened yesterday can reach 340K, but my HP is only 140K. After communicating with my teammates in advance and getting a buff, it will be less than 250K. That mode was so hard that I finished it with over 99.5% of the players. Later, officials reduced enemy damage through hotfix, which made it easier. So T and M are very important (don't blindly go for DPS, some SSR weapons provide strong support, although they don't improve DPS. Personally, I feel that T and M are more needed by the team, and T needs to improve the HP and resistance of his equipment first. 3.Explore the World, this game has a server of about 10K people, a server and 100 sub-servers, while exploring the world you can interact with other people, you can fight boss together, get SSR weapons (unlimited number of people)There's a limit on the number of times(maybe 5 weekly)。 this reward is about three times the GS. 4. Gacha. It takes an average of 50 times to get an SSR, so I don't recommend spending a lot of money on Gacha, you can get it through 2 and 3. 5. Single mode. This is basically the same as the GS, more dependent on DPS (SSR weapons with high DPS are very important in this case), the reward is not much, but can certainly shorten the time to improve equipment, the best way to improve DPS is still 234. 6. Strengths and weaknesses. The game supports 4K120fps on PC, customizable character looks (like KKS, and can be changed at any time) the experience is much smoother than the GS, but the rendering and physics are worse, and some mmd are even better looking than the characters in the game. My friend calls ToF one of the few: a game where the creative director rides the art lead to work (like ride a horse). The story is also a big problem, but at least the world view is good.

  10. WHY would the Chinese government force the developers to release the game before they're ready?

  11. we need it on globale whit english and french

  12. Hi Byte! ❤️ Ummm, How is it possible for these people to be so different when obviously there's maybe what? 3-5yrs age diff between us? <—early 20's So how can they look in the mirror and lie to themselves while lying to everyone else when giving 5 stars…and at the same time U KNOW they are crying and dying inside!!?!?!? I know you DON'T EVER go against the Chinese Government's Rulings or Laws when it comes to business decisions or contracts! You can find your business gone the next day, or worse! Sry, does that make any sense? Maybe too much eggnog today? lol IDK, this stream is hitting me where it hurts because I too, was wanting to try ToF, but not at the expense of lying about my experience with it! 😢😭😢😢 Sad news indeed….

  13. I really need something new to play after 1k hours in genshin… I hope it'll release soon…

  14. anybody knows when Global server release?~

  15. If you are waiting for global release, it's logic, but damn, it's so good I'm playing the chinese right now.

  16. Come on, man, don't be such pessimistic with the game.

  17. this game has very mixed review on Chinese game market now, I'm waiting and see…

  18. No you should not play Asian comics or read them, it's not related to the other continents, with Asia trying to make the outside continents in believing much more from Asia. Asia does not know what they did have or having culture of their own is better if exposed. Once known from further places it's taken away, seen as being corrected, if Asians want to get better, they will need help from people. Asia shows so much on not much care for anything. Away from the public are people that likely do better, focusing on a better reality.

  19. Asian comic cartoons are far worse than Europe and I respect with enjoyment with Europe without England. Yeah, Asian stuff, like food and other products they have made may vary but share the same unreal to their own society. MMOByte is trying to tell us like most to every youtuber that they are not wrong and trying to keep themselves hidden from facts. Opinions are not going to get much done, their yours alone.

  20. The game is almost dead with the newest bug, which allows players to pull weapons for free until they get SSR weapons. Many players especially the spending players quitting.

  21. Nowadays all games are in a hurry and have Bugs but Tower of fantasy much more because they had to remove it by law and they believed that the date would give them time but they were very ambitious but What we have played feels very good and that is why the people who play and have that in how much do we know the potential it has

  22. Haven't touched this game since it was a Chinese release. They better don't do the same shit at global or they'll stand no chance against something like Genshin Impact.

  23. When it comes to MMORPG my first look is not to judge if the game is goof, its beceause i like to see how it is, bugs will always be there especially if the goverment is forcing you to release the game when it's not close to be ready to be released, most of the times the reason behind it is money, nothing more, nothing less.

  24. “Genshin killer”. I love Breath of the Wild and I love Genshin and I’ll probably love the next worthy successor. Problem is, Genshin is way too high and games like Blue Protocol and ToF are not ready to compete. Blind faith and hype is a common disease. Don’t get your hopes up for Blue Protocol, it’s going to be complete mess, you can count on it. Seriously guys, stop making the exact same mistake every single time.

    Even if I’m wrong, I don’t mind because that mean I have another anime open world game, I’m winning either way.

  25. To be honest, I am not optimistic about this game, not only because of bugs but also because of its poor operation and promotion. In China, ToF is basically a promotion to ARPG, but the game itself is an MMORPG. Even the former wholly-owned subsidiary of Perfect World (the company to which the ToF production team belongs) published remarks that belittle Genshin Impact players. Then there is the sudden appearance of the limited gashapon pool and brand new gashapon tokens.

    The game itself surpasses most mobile MMORPG games in China, but as an Anime game, it has no "soul" of Anime at all, and the plot is very boring.

    And recently, it was revealed that some people used the ID cards of natural disaster victims officially announced by China to log in to ToF. Although I don’t know if it was officially done by ToF, it affected my view of this game. And in fact, most Chinese players are not optimistic ToF.

  26. I hate tower of fantasy bc it's basically genshin Impact and honkai impadt together:/

  27. oh is that the game that steals assets / reviews from mihoyo?

  28. Le jeux a du sortire sans quil soit fini car de nouvelle loi rentre en vigueur en chine dou l'obligation de sortire le jeux en avance cinon il ne serais jaler sortie dutout donc soyer pas con sérieux il lon dit stop de critiquer et atender les mise a jour

  29. well it looked cool at first then i saw it was a mobile game and that killed the mood then he said its a chinese and that killed any chance of me playing it at all.

  30. Lots of drama with this game, I was looking forward to play it when getting a west release but the dev has been shotting itself in both feet with their dumb claims comparing themselves to Genshin Impact, to take assets from MHY games to use bots copying GI reviews to use on their game in mobile app stores. The game would have been well received without those questionable decisions.

  31. if there's one sentiment i 100% disagree with is that the mentality that if a game has flaws, you shouldnt give it a 5* rating, that just wrong.

    5* means whatever it means to you, its the best score you can give something in that system but that doesnt mean its perfect, ive had games ive loved and played for countless hours and i would give those games 5* ratings any day, and not a single one of them was perfect.

    because a perfect game will never exist (albeith you can find a perfect game for you but i assure you someone else will have issues with it)

    something needing polish isnt entirely a bad thing, i agree on people not playing the game or reviewing it after mere 30mins of gameplay being dumb, but you cannot judge someone for giving a game 5* just because they used different parameters that you use to determine that, thats just a very dumb and close minded way of seeing things (no offense)

  32. I hate this idea in the gaming space in general of developers releasing games in unfinished states and fixing them later being okay

    Imagine buying a car with no seatbelts at full price and thinking it's okay because the dealership is gonna install them piece by piece over the course of a year

  33. sadly if they didnt realize the game they wouldve never been allowed with the new chinese laws so far 0 games have been approved by the government to launch

  34. Tough luck, it's no longer available, again.

  35. Meanwhile GI got review bomb for no reason at all.. 😂😂😂 Honestly people doesn't know how review works or how to use em or proper way to give reviews, they might be children behind those reviews, who knows… What tick me off is why do these reviews always mentioning GI? This is an MMO and GI is single player gacha game with Coop mode which makes no sense at all. 😂 Or still people still confused which is mmo and which is not? So yeah, years before I do look for reviews to see if the game is worth to play or is it good, but nowadays it became tool for most of the people.. A tool use for who knows what are they up to.

  36. Same thing with no man sky shitty release but they got there after huge backlashes

  37. what server are you playing guys? so we can do world bosses

  38. I'm unsubscribing because of your misleading titles. Your titles are all hype then you are like meh I don't know in the video.

  39. People just can't be trusted to rate games or anything rly on a scale… i like how steam does it way more, just a simple like/dislike button that says it all. Fans will over rate games, while haters will say it's the worst game ever, you'll never change that.

  40. It's actual name is Tower of Bugs, or Cyberpunk Mobile. 🤣

  41. yo genshin is fucking insane compares to a mobile game tho these commenters are funny

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