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⌖ Tower of Fantasy is a brand new upcoming Scifi themed cross-platform Anime MMORPG. Little was known about the game as of the last trailer that was dropped, but as of the last 24 hours, we’ve received 2 brand new trailers detailing various aspects of the game.

The two trailers went on to showcase different things: The first trailer showed off the large open world the game is claiming it has. It showed the story, several of the characters that are integral to the story, its action combat. Interestingly, much like the first trailer, they opted to leave the UI disabled when recording the footage for the trailer, including the combat so we can’t see how cluttered or invasive the UI is. As Tower of Fantasy is a cross-platform MMO and will therefore be releasing on Mobile platforms as well, it’s important to know if the UI is going to be something akin to a game like V4 or TALION, which are simply Mobile MMOs ported over to PC, or if it instead is being built like Genshin Impact, which has a UI that is built for all platforms, and is incredibly clean regardless of what platform you play on.
The second trailer went on to detail the character creation, and let me tell you, it provides a plethora of different sliders to customize your new Anime Waifu with. Or your Anime Husbando if you’re so inclined. But we know you’re all interested in the Waifu’s. You always are. I know you guys.
If you’re looking for the Tower of Fantasy Release Date, then unfortunately you’re not in luck, as there’s no 100% confirmed release date as of August 2020. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. With how complete the game feels at this moment, I’d wager a bet Tower of Fantasy will release in 2021, and it seems likely it might be a Global release, as well, considering the trailer was partly in English!

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  1. "Upcoming" basically means it will never be released globally

  2. Interactive world is new feature even useless interaction adds realism to the game.

  3. i want to buy a laptop. which one should i get for this ,pso2 and blue protocol at max settings. (budget is not my concern)

  4. I would love to play this in the future, but I'm on console and rather not play mmos on mobile, in my opinion just my opinion I wouldn't think they could compete with PSO2 new genisis when PSO2 included console 😐
    I just want more mmos on console, I know ff14 is there, but I want a fresh game experience i can play from the beginning and there is also skyforge a dead game yet still alive, the devs there are awful!

  5. I saw a mushroom in the vid(😍). That did it for me. I'll buy a new phone and service if I have to.

  6. I’m quite sceptical when I hear mobile and mmorpg at the same time

  7. oh look not Siegfried Kaslana… lol.
    Kinda feels like it might be inspired by BOTW like Genshin was(ok maybe less than Genshin did, especially initially), but i don't mind. I'm kind hyped.

  8. Mmh right off the bat SOUL WORKER X genshin impact X PSO2 vibes in one game

  9. Nice another pay to win chinese mmo. I'll pass.

  10. i hope this game doesnt have auto play and shit ass stuff. it would be good

  11. would be already one of the best gameplay concept mmorpg in both pc and mobile platform if this thing would have auto gameplay then it is just a big letdown… and considering this is a chinese game .. this is going to be an awful lot of p2w

  12. It looks good but my gut has a bad feeling abt this game. I could literally care less abt graphics, it does remind me of genshin but Idc. I just want a good non auto game, it would be nice if the quest pathfinding in this game was like toram where there's an arrow leading to where the quest takes place, and I hope it isn't pay to win but I doubt it 😔

  13. another anime MMORPG that going to take years or never release on the west

  14. Sheikashii OLD CHANNEL no more uploads says:

    I am so grateful to Botw for how it was made and how popular it was. It took a couple years but we are finally seeing the “Influenced by BotW” era of games start to begin and I couldn’t be happier. Now I just need the combat to be like it too tight hit boxes and physics

  15. Sheikashii OLD CHANNEL no more uploads says:

    They full on made Raftalia and Asuna in their trailer haha

  16. Bro I'm straight up gonna simp for this game

  17. I just watched your previous video and a new one out

  18. There is no way a phone mmo can be a real mmo. If it can’t reach Asherons Call, SWG, EQ numbers in a persistent world. OSRS is about the only true mobile mmo

  19. – Chinese
    – Mobile
    So you can expect the entire game to be a gambling/gacha fuck fest.

  20. idk, when i hear it's a chinese made mmo, i can only assume its gonna be some Free to play garbage that either goes really hard on the "Convenience" or will just be pay to win. gonna have to hope for the best for now. but the cross platform really has me doubting this will be a "good" MMO.

  21. I'm pretty sure I saw Raphtalia in that creation montage.

  22. I just feel like mmos are not from gamers for gamers anymore like wow uses to be , now more for the money milking as long as its a popular genre

  23. I saw asuna and raphtalia in the last few seconds of that second video

  24. 4:54 if you look closely you will see Raphtalia form(The Rising Of The Shield Hero) and asuna from (sword art online)

  25. genshin impact, blue protocol, tower of fantasy – games i'm very hyped

  26. Did someone noticed?
    They didn't add any male character on this trailer XD

  27. so many special effects that I can't see whats going on… number 1 reason why i dropped BDO. Combat albeit fast its imprecise and can be clunky ( hitobxes and range of attacks don't match the actual lenght of weapons that goes for both enemies and the player )

  28. finally pvp that looks a bit similar to dragon nest…

  29. I think this is not a MMORPG. It's more of an action RPG with a COOP feature just like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact.

  30. Now they just need to make mabinogi in this art style …that game is outdated lol

  31. Why am I hearing CC#0 Shattered Avenue ost in the combat section.

  32. What will be the minimum requirements for this game?

  33. Why can u just stay quiet through the trailer?

  34. Did anyone catch the Freemasonic symbol at 1:35 So sick of them slipping their Illuminati crap into media like this.

  35. The only difference is that breath of the wild doesn’t have gacha and you can’t customize character but it’s still the best, genshin is breath of the wild and a gacha game too, tower of fantasy is also like breath of the wild but you can customize character

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