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These are the top Anime Gacha games of 2021 on Android/iOS
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Today we’re going to talk about the best Anime Gacha games currently available on mobile devices. iOS, Android, even games that’re playable via emulators.
There are a lotta mobile games out there – and I’ve thus far played through over 200 different titles for this channel and as such feel as though I’ve definitely played through 10 that I deem worthy of including in a list like this.

Now, I know some of you might disagree with one of more of these titles, but remember, this is purely subjective. So if you have your own games you’d like to point out, please go ahead and include them in a comment below!
I’d love to know why you think the game deserves to be in a list like this and would love to potentially include it in a list next time!
So with that in mind, let’s jump right in.

Anime Gacha games in this list:
Genshin Impact:
Lord of Heroes:
Gran Saga:
Action Taimanin:
Guardian Tales:
Tower of Fantasy:
King’s Raid:
Epic Seven:


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  1. Do you ever play Arknights or Girls' frontline?

  2. lets not forget the PLOT of these games. They're so BIG on PLOT.

  3. I want to play Lord of heroes but i cant cuz its not available in my country! 🙁

  4. no exos heroes? that's one of the best gacha games i know

  5. I wouldn't say Genshin Impacts combat is incredible it is definitely fluid and better then most, however it is limited by the fact that it has to work for both mobile, PC, and as an after thought consol.

  6. other than genshin impact , kings raid was good and enjoy it but till now i still play Digimon ReArise and i will be surprised if it was on the list

  7. Sad that Exos Heroes is not covered. Beautiful graphics for a mobile game, also it is very f2p friendly.

  8. Supercell is releasing a new RPG i am looking forward to it.

  9. Punishing gray raven global may possibly be released later this year

  10. Action Taimanin players need to tell you that this game is not R18, not like to the original taimanin game.

  11. does lord of heroes still dont have japanese voice? last time i checked on settings it said coming soon

  12. Punishing Gray Raven? 🤔 Where? Why? How?

  13. I did play a bit of sinolice but it got a bit boring, probably coz i'd been playing too many gacha games lol. maybe worth a second shot

  14. Genshin Impact is the best mobile title, production value is across the stars and it rewards you even if don't want to spend any money on it.

  15. It wouldn’t be anime gacha game tier list without Genshin impact and honkai impact

  16. hey, just wanted to ask if u watched the trailer for the new game called "project prism"..its also an open-world game.
    the trailer was just launched today.

  17. Due to not have enough time i play idle gacha games like mobile legends adventures, anyone can recommend me other idle gacha anime games?

  18. Too bad out of all the games out there I never see a new game very similar to king's raid. I try to download island: exorcism but it's not working on my phone. 😔

  19. So where is the non gatcha version of genchin impact? thats what i wanna know. i like the game, just not the gatcha part.

  20. I'm playing Genshin Impact, Lord of Heroes and Arknights. I have a life..

  21. No FGO? well its not very f2P friendly and many people quit on it so.. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    And mostly RPG

  23. You know the top list can be trusted when AT is included.

  24. for any of you wanting a list like action taimanin 🙂
    -Last origin
    -Destiny Child

  25. what a madlad including action taimanin in this list. i also called it h*ntai impact just for the joke but not gonna lie, the game is good so i can understand why you included it in the list

  26. Disclaimer: For those people who wants to play honkai impact 3, the story writting is godtier, animation is godtier, but be warned, if you have any mental issues or pre existing mental conditions, I HIGHLY DO NOT SUGGEST playing Honkai

  27. The title is top "anime" gacha games of 2021… sorry but I disagree with guardian tales in the since you specified anime… Guardian tales is one of the best gacha games but not in anime genre…

  28. I enjoy epic 7. They give you a lot of energy to do farm and grinding. If you love PvP I highly recommended. For PVE it will keep you a challenge and patience since PVE takes time. But for end players it’s very easy. The game developers had mentioned that they will remain for 10 years. So it’s promising and if you look at their revenue, they’re doing very well.

  29. My list or waiting list lol
    PGR, Genshin, Honkai, Exos, Sky children of light, battle bay, guardian tales, blue protocol
    Has Dragalia too lazy to begin lol
    World of Warcraft Mobile jkjk lol
    Tower of fantasy is like borderlands to me lol

  30. where in the hell is Bleach Brave Souls

  31. Nah Genshin isn't the best
    It's no surprise Genshin is popular because
    Anime Waifu, Gacha and Breath Of The Wild 2.0

  32. Most of players genshin has bc of so many ads and other ways to get ppl for me honkai is better eawen if its much older

  33. King's raid s2 will be at the end of 2021! They confirmed graphics overhaul and will be announcing more!

  34. Epic7 and Hi3 is my all time favorites
    The Newest fav is Genshin
    And i've some honorable mention :
    – Azur Lane
    – Arknight
    – Grandchase
    Didn't play 3 of those anymore since long ago but i think it's worth trying, also can't wait for ToF, Counterside, and PGR release xD

  35. Was considering listening to your recommendations until you mentioned sinoalice


  37. Uma Musume and Disgaea RPG are out. Also Kingsense is in Closed Beta in China. Punishing Gray Raven is in pre-register for global release. Honorable mention is Tenkafuma for niche hentai genre.

  38. It’s so funny how I played every single game in this list but only one game won my heart years ago and still, E7. Ofc I did not play the ones that was not released yet.

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