Top 8 New Game Anime Style ARPG in September 2019 (Android/IOS Gameplay) -

Top 8 New Game Anime Style ARPG in September 2019 (Android/IOS Gameplay)

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Top 8 New Game Anime ARPG in September 2019 (Android/IOS Gameplay)

8/ X2: God Solver (解神者):

7/ Ragnania (神位纷争):

6/ Guardian Girls (少女枪战):

5/ Twilight ARK (暮色方舟):

4/ Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Mobile (軒轅劍蒼之曜):

3/ Project Soul (代号: 灵):

2/ Aurora 7:

1/ Punishing: Gray Raven (战双帕弥什):

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  1. Aurora 7 really makes me think of Dragon Quest lol

  2. Is there is any sports game like inazuma ,kuroko no basket???

  3. WeChat and QQ are my biggest nightmare to create account in these games.
    .. Thanks for the list bro. 😀

  4. Damn.. Punishing Gray Raven is so polished and smooth.

  5. Girls ,girls ,girls evey where.😅😅😅 in rpg games…

  6. "honkai impact rip off" trash comments ive ever seen when did anime Hack N Slash, ARPG games become a rip off? "HI3 player logics"

  7. Many of them would be an awesome stuff for Switch 🤔 ✨…

  8. El matriarcado nc puede quejar ,tdos los putos juegos tienen una mina de prota 😒

  9. Wake me up when there's English version

  10. Làm top game vs guide một số game đang Hot hiện tại sẽ dễ kiếm view hơn.

  11. Gray probably will be my 1st priority. Unless Genshin Impact can caught my attention.

  12. Only 2 games are actually different these games are disgustingly similar and bland the combat doesn’t excite enemies barely flinch at attacks excruciating grinding system I’m only looking for to punishing gray and I use that very loosely dev teams need to step it up it looks like twilight arpg has the same assets as honkai

  13. OK that first one is almost came from eternal city. Like the HUD is almost the same.

  14. honestly i wish instead of each company keep making typical cat copy boring new games, they better help each other develop a single great game…
    none of these look better than Closers or Honkai

  15. 何で日本国内未発表なのに音声が日本語なんだよ。

  16. ณัฐพันธุ์ บัวทอง says:

    All offline???

  17. Punishing: Gray Raven sounds and looks pretty cool. It's the only game i can approve as a good clone of HI3.
    Xuan Yuan: Sword Luminary designed great – i love this combination of bio-mechanic hand which transforms into weapon. Would be great if they had firearms too.

  18. why every game comes with square language…. and they looks almost the same?

  19. Is it me or are they all pretty much the same game?🙄

  20. OKay there we Go
    CHINA TREND – huh … Trash !

  21. 1 minute into the video and already seeing a dumb ugly Loli with a scythe. Another failed game.
    And twilight ark looks like a horrible Bayonetta rip off lol 5:00

  22. I just waiting for a Punishing Gray Raven. I like apocalyptic game, but HI is completely a joke for me, the story just a mess, I'll stuck in Eternal City for now.

  23. Punishing gray raven is little bit like a HI3 but interesting because of skills animation and cool characters 🙂

  24. Why are ARPG's so obsessed with female characters? Lol

  25. All of these are just Honkai Impact 3rd clones…

  26. Punishing gray raven(named 战双帕弥什 in Chinese) will be released on 2019.12.05 . Although I dont want to play this game,I just answer you guys.

  27. All game in this list have nice graphic. But most of them have mediocre sound effect. Those who play HI3 will know what im talking about.

  28. ….3번인 프로젝트 소울은 너무 대놓고 소울워커인데? 장난하나?

  29. I just want 3d anime fighting game that is english except for honkai impact 3

  30. Its just me or not I don't know but all the games in the list of MC are only girl character and didn't see any single male main character hahaha I want male character Since I'm a boy

  31. Punishing: Gray Raven looks cool, has a nice background theme for sci-fi but it's also similar to Honkai Impact 3rd so… kinda is a copy from it but still looks good… Might just download it because it has anime girls with swords…

    Also, I'm just gonna wait for even longer when the global of all of these games comes out since I don't think my phone can handle such game in this year hence I am wishing they would make a PC portable like Honkai Impact 3rd did (took them long enuff for PC port)

  32. PGR look like a budget nier automata lol

  33. Sinceramente, esses jogos deveriam ser salvos na PlayStore!

  34. Cool games but not a single one available in Germany for ios ???

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