Top 5 Best Anime Games of 2015 -

Top 5 Best Anime Games of 2015

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The best anime games of 2015, for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and 3DS.
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Platforms: Pc, Ps4, Ps3, Xbox One, Xbox 360
Release Date: Out Now

Tales Of Zestiria
Platfroms: Ps3, Ps4
Release Date: Fall 2015

J-stars Victory Vs+
Release: June 30, 2015
Platforms: Ps3, Ps4 & Ps Vita

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3
Release: Aug 25, 2015
Platforms: Ps4, Ps4, Ps Vita & Pc

Naruto Storm 4
Release: TBA
Platforms: Pc, Ps4 & Xbox One


  1. I wish they could make a Kill la Kill game, but well I guess it's easier to release another Naruto game, oh that originality.

  2. i would wish i could get a PS4 so i could play Storm 4 ive been trying to avoid videos and screenshots but from what ive seen it does look awesome

  3. Dude just because J-Stars have a lots of Anime characters doesn't mean it looks like Smash Bros.!!!!!!! That's like saying "Street Fighter V looks like Mortal Kombat X because both are 2D fighting game" like really??? Com'on people just because is a crossover game it doesn't mean it looks like Smash Bros.!!!!

  4. Thanks, now I have some new games to check out. keep up the good work

  5. I want a Mirai Nikki game in the perspective of Yuno or Yuki, or a Death Note game in the perspective of Light Yagami using people around you to help you not get caught

  6. if only J-Stars Victory VS+ could be ported over to the Xbox One like Mincraft was Ported to the PS4

  7. Can somebody tell me why a lot of anime games all look like piles of shit? (Apart from these games) I mean, almost everything looks horrible! from the textures to playermodels.

  8. I want to buy a One Piece game for my 3DS, but I cant find any of these games only on PS T^T

  9. I would have played naruto ninja storm 4 but I only have a PS3 😩

  10. Tales of Zestiria Is A JRPG Not An Anime Game

  11. It may not have an actual anime… But Metal Gear is pretty fuckin' anime.

  12. I am soon gonna buy ps4 or xbox one just because naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 I am a fan of naruto I watch naruto shippuden at crunch roll I at episode 437

  13. I don't know but I think full metal alchemist should be a game 🤔

  14. dragon ball z raging blast 1 up to raging blast 3

  15. GUYS Check out OnePiece:Burning Blood it's much better than OnePiece Pirate Warriors 3

  16. but Tales of Zestiria is not based on an anime!
    it's vice-versa!

  17. Is Tales of Zestiria a Online game ? Iam German and very bad in english

  18. I really hope they make a good fairy tail game eventually

  19. J Stars is pure fan service. Its fun but only because you can run over Kenshin with Gintoki's scooter or hit Gon with a kamehameha as Goku orrrrr you get what i mean at this point. Once that wears off you realize how painfully average the gameplay is. Still if you like one Shounen Jump character let alone a dozen like I do you'll get your moneys worth before geting bored.

  20. Why does Pirate warriors 3 have 2 Ps4 tags in the desc


  22. I'm xbox360 user….just only can play NARUTO ULTIMATE NINJA STORM:REVOLUTION

  23. wow, this id awesome, thanks for sharing dude

  24. who would like to game shere just looking for some anime game xbox one?

  25. Would it kill them to make another naruto rise of a ninja…?

  26. nice choices
    check out my list on my channel

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