Top 20 Upcoming PS4 Anime Games 2021 -

Top 20 Upcoming PS4 Anime Games 2021

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Weathering With You – Fireworks Festival (Kayou. Remix)
Attack on Titan – T-KT (Kayou. Remix)
Re:Zero – Requiem Of Silence (Kayou. Remix)
Mewmore – Distortion World (Pokémon Platinum Arrangement)


  1. Social media and used song(s) are in the description 😀

  2. how to hell gungrave gore didnt make in the top 20?some of those games arent even anime

  3. I hope my Love live 😍😍 yessss this is excited

  4. Scramble & Demon Slayer are def day 1 pick ups for me! 👍🏽

  5. Hate to burst your bubble but scarlet nexus being released 2022 not this year

  6. DQ: Adventure of Dai !! Cant wait!

  7. I want to see a fate game were you can play as all the characters with a fresh story and a big world map

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