Top 11 Best Anime Games For Android/iOS 2020 #7 -

Top 11 Best Anime Games For Android/iOS 2020 #7

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New best anime games for Android & iOS 2020 l VinIsHere

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This is part 7!
Every month I’ll gather all new anime games & will show you guys the one that I found best (including non-English)
& As alway I keep you updated with all new mobile games, do subscribe! 🙂

Following are the games name & links:-

1)Illusion connect:-
(Coming this month for both Android & iOS, go Pre-Register so you don’t miss all additional rewards & waifus 😉 )

2)Action Taimanin (English release):-

3)Danganronpa 2:-

4)Grand Alliance:-

5)Hitman Reborn (Tw version) (you can login through Google, for download links/info visit mywebpage below):-

6)Re:Zero Lost In Memories:- (For both Android & iOS links/info visit my webpage below):-

7)Soulworker Academia:- I played at cbt which ended like 2 weeks ago it’s coming soon

8)Fate/Grand Order Waltz:- for Android links & info visit my webpage below:-

9)Genshin Impact:-

10)Project Sekai Colorful Stage:- (game has both multiplayer & single player with live stage where players can gather around, for Android & iOS info & links visit my webpage below):-

11)Yu Yu Hakusho (CBT, till the link still works for download):-

Thanks for watching! Do check my other videos you’ll find a lot of games of you’re type to play.



  1. We can all agree that Genshin Impact is a masterpiece apart from the gacha system

  2. Yo can anyone help me action taimanin never opens even after the 7mb update

  3. I’m waiting for soul worker academia and devil May cry mobile so far I’ve just downloaded dragon raja and genshin impact

  4. \Genshin Impact//, the superior choice! (And what's up with all these waifus? I'm creeped out O-O" )

  5. Bro make vedio on top old West game for android. Please please.

  6. I cant take action taimanin seriously considering of what thAt anime is ahahhahaha

  7. I want to know when Soulworker academic global will release

  8. lol doki doki literature club isnt there i hate it
    …….i miss sayori :<

  9. oh look Genshin Impact is 6.6GB i guess my phone will die this time

  10. Rip Katekyo hitman reborn,
    Still having mobile game but anime end there … Can't even get new season sigh

  11. Dont ever think about downloading genshin impact if u have potato phone… Just get a new phone or download other games like toram online etc

  12. Sips my cup of coffee while knowing I already have a game I need to fully put my attention too

  13. Where was this channel hidden for soo long. After PUBG I thought mobile gaming was dead as I hardly found any excellent games on play store. But, now genshin impact and this channel's recommendations has completely changed my view point.

  14. Played all those games, they are so fun, especially Action Taimanin 🙂

  15. Description: 1 illusion connect dont forget to pre-register to not miss all the rewards and WAIFUS
    Me: NICE!!

  16. do you think Yu Yu Hakusho or Soulworker Academia will release in English? They look cool.

  17. I hope that my dream Thakqo access to 1000 subscribersnI hope both realize my dream to achieve all his dreams

  18. Tons of these it's still beta and pre register and not available on play store

  19. Genshin impact 6.6G can you load it through your device, which is available with 5G60 Ram2G?

  20. I am watching this channel's videos for a month and I didn't realize that I had not Subscribed to this channel , so I have subscribed right now !!! 😊

  21. I hate when they have 3D games trailer with good graphic..but the games actually 2D Games..😂

  22. Why lot of anime games have female main character lol

  23. If soul worker alr released please make a content that tell us all that Soul worker is released

  24. If u ever find a game that is like ni no Kuni or Genshin Impact please make a video of it

  25. Can you change language in project sekai??

  26. The second game is based on a hentai-game and doujinshi

  27. When you battle in illusion connect the characters look kinda lunime not anime but when you not in battle it looks like anime 🕊️

  28. What is the name of the game in the video s'pic?!

  29. "Action taimanin"
    I thought that girl was a hent– character 0_o

  30. Cinematic: Animeish
    Gameplay: Chibi

    Jrpg trademark 😀

  31. Me gansta until I see Danganronpa 2…
    Seriously WHAT THE FUCK

  32. I remember having good graphics on genshin impact until the mountain update came

  33. Whhaaaattttssss with the thumb nail look out of this world

  34. And Genshin impact is out of the world but it's too big size makes it lagy and I could play it for long

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