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Top 10 iOS Anime Games | iPhone & iPad

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Showcasing our list for the best anime mobile games on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. These are the top rated anime-based titles currently available on the Apple App Store. You may get these games by clicking the links below:

BlazBlue RR – the Real Action Game
Chrono Strike
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing
Never Gone
Phantom of the Kill
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

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  1. One piece treasure cruise does have strategy… Once you beat the tutorial (something you obviously didn’t do) the game is really good.

  2. Just shut up. And never make another video

  3. I literally broke my phone.. my transfer data is lost.. i had some screenshots of my acc on my sd card but will it be enough for me to recover my account?

  4. Weak line up… way better options out there; I don't think they know what their talking about.

  5. Whenever i try to play soa md it says make profile push compatible what to do?

  6. Where’s Sword art online integral factor ? I’m pretty sure a lot of people loves this game 😏

  7. Ahaha no. 2 One piece treasure cruise "While the game doesn't have much strategy, you'll have to use your trusty tapping finger ". Not much stratergy hahahaa~ good one

  8. These are on the Japanese store and I have to make a Japanese account ;-;

  9. These games look like something from a 1980’s game store, they all have low quality and they all so boring (no offence guys if you like some of them sorry)

  10. I'm 99.9 sure pokemon go is on the top 3 😂

  11. Is naruto x boruto ninja voltage can be here too but anyway thank you for your honest review and games that can really be found in appstore or play store

  12. One Piece Treasure Cruise: No strategy…. sure.

  13. Why isn't Bleach Brave souls not in here ;-;

  14. IOS ONLY?bitch please im android and i can download them using chrome

  15. thousand storm is dead now because they shut it down ;-; rip

  16. Sword Art Online Intergral Factor best mobile game ever

  17. Where is Honkai Impact 3rd? Oh wait… this was uploaded 2 years ago.

  18. Yugioh duel links is a very cool game but it doesn’t work well on my iPhone 5s for long 😩

  19. Guys he didn’t put revue starlight and it’s really good I would recommend it and you can check out the anime as well in hidive 🙂

  20. Oh and I know another one you should put honkia impact third

  21. These games are so F bad, who would waste time in these 90’s graphics crappy as1 games!

  22. Iconic iconic iconic iconic…. yare yare daze

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