Top 10 Anime Winter 2021 -

Top 10 Anime Winter 2021
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What a way to kick off the year! Join Ashley as he counts down the best anime to come out over the winter season, including the likes of “Horimiya”, “Dr Stone: Stone Wars”, “Attack on Titan: The Final Season”, and more! Did YOUR favorite anime of the new year make the cut? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. We all know that AoT is the greatest anime series of all times. No one’s gonna be better than that in 10 years. I would say 20 years or 30 years. Yes it is. It’s the best.

  2. Promise never land season 2

    You gotta to be kidding me

  3. Remember when The Promised Neverland season 2 was one of anime’s most anticipated projects? It’s hard to believe that was only a few months ago…

  4. Dr.Stone and Promised neverland look cool
    Imma watch that anime

  5. In this video I only know The Promised Neverland and Attack On Titan since they're my favorite anime. But it's not actually true, I've only watch some parts of The Promised Neverland I've only read the manga unlike Attack On Titan.

  6. Off topic…but eh steins;gate sucks. (Not the story but the romance and shit).

  7. I think we all disagre with the second spot

  8. Its funny ,i have watched each one of then at least 3 times 😂

  9. Mosuku tensei a fat man reincarnated as cool and handsome 🙃🙂

  10. I don't really agree this list especially Mushoku Tensei. The chart shows that Mushoku Tensei was frequently showed at Top 2. Why is it only top 10??

  11. At the tenth mushouku tensei it was a nice one

  12. Dr. Stone: Stone Wars is my top 10 anime of winter '21.

  13. I am glad I watched aot 😌 probably one of the best thing i ever watched

  14. Thnks for including that time i got reincarnated as a slime. Fav anime.

  15. Biggest japanese name and fame anime (Characters or places)
    1. Kimetsu no yaiba
    2. Jujutsu kaisen
    3. Death note
    4. Boku no hero academia
    5. Doraemon
    6. Detective conan
    7. Mob psycho
    Anime not related to the japanese name and fame
    1.fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
    2. Hunter x hunter
    3. Titan vs titan

  16. And titan vs titan was the worst anime plus voilet evergarden or never garden. I did not like them. Whatis going wrong with the tvt anime. In the first season, wow, this anime is good but after some episodesit sucks.
    In second season something new but whole season was ruined.
    In the third season, boring and boring.
    Final season, it should be 4 episodes season but they made 16 episodes. Wtf man.
    They have nothing new to show. titan and human plus erens family, friends and some children who were homesick just like the directors and script writers.
    The 2nd final season of tvt will alson incomplete because this is not japanese anime. Just drop off.

  17. Arifureta season 2 is going to release in jan 2022

  18. Slime and So I'm spider is my favorite, I really love isekai anime. I hope I can find more anime like this two.

  19. hey are u dum rimiru is a dude not a women

  20. This season was so goated i would wake everyday just excited for the week. Tuesday was Black Clover, Wednesday was Re Zero and Wonder Egg, Thursday was my fav Quints, Friday was Jujutsu Kaisen, Horimiya was so good which was on Saturdays, and of course last but not least to end of the weeks would be Attack on Titan. Winter season was spectacular and prolly the happiest I ever been this year.

  21. promised neverland was the worst anime thus far this year…

  22. " If war hammer titan didn't wait "
    War hammer titan : Eren Yeager do you have any last words ?
    Ereh : Well,Yeah Mika-
    War hammer titan : * bond *
    the end of anime

  23. Did YOUR favorite anime of the new year make the cut? Let us know in the comments!

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