Top 10 ANIME Games of 2021 | PS5, XBOX, PC (4K 60FPS) -

Top 10 ANIME Games of 2021 | PS5, XBOX, PC (4K 60FPS)

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Top 10 ANIME Games of 2021 | PS5, XBOX, PC (4K 60FPS)

Games List:

00:01 Scarlet Nexus
2021 | PS5, XBOX, PC

01:37 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Hinokami Keppuutan
2021 | PS5, XBOX, PC

03:22 Neo: The World Ends with You
2021 | PS5, PC

05:20 Gungrave G.O.R.E.
2021 | PS5

09:51 NieR Replicant
April 2021 | PS5, XBOX, PC

13:16 Guilty Gear Strive
June 2021 | PS5, PC

14:18 Gran Saga
2021 | PC

19:10 Persona 5 Strikers
2021 | PS5, PC

20:52 Tales of Arise
2021 | PS5, XBOX, PC

22:04 Project BBQ
2021 | PC

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  1. Wait so gran saga just ended up becoming a mobile game?😭

  2. Wondering why agakera wars not here it wa sperfect

  3. They really need to make more Anime Games on the PC,PS4,Xbox One,XBox series X,PS5 and Switch to be released in America with English Voices like Inuyasha,NGNL,Ajin,Fire Force,Black Clover,Maid Sama,Bleach,Fruits Basket Rosario + Vampire,Jujutsu Kaisen,Hyouka,Assassin’s Pride,Puella Magi Madoka Magica,Guren Lagann,Black Clover,Steins;Gate,Death Note,Naruto,Akame Ga Kill,Kakeurgui,Demon Slayer,Dr. Stone,OHSHC,Btooom!,Parasyte,Durarara, Bungou Stray Dogs,Chobits,Hunter X Hunter,Hellsing,Blood+,Toradora,Angel Beats,Black Butler,Blue Exorcist,JJBA,Food WarsTokyo Ghoul,Re: Zero,Baka to TestCowboy Bebop,Yugioh,ReLifeMelancholy of Haruhi suzumiya,Fate/Zero,One Punch Man,Black Butler,Lucky Star,Sailor Moon,Vampire Knight Mob Psycho 100,Soul Eater,FMAB and Miss kobayashi’s dragon maid

  4. Wait gungrave? That old anime!!!????? Into a videogame? Piqued my interest cause all these other anime games popping out be some dragon dynasty crap

  5. If only Demon slayer has open world variation as big as Genshin.

  6. what should i do abt activation key on scarlet nexus

  7. amazing video dear friend🤗❤️🤗🤗❤️

  8. Thanks for the vid. scarlet nexus looks absolutely amazing but I can't pay £50 for it as I'm 13 but I wish I can get it But thanks for the vid

  9. wenn das die besten sind wäre das echt düster list crap main characters in games

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