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Top 10 Android Anime Games

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Presenting our updated list of the best #Anime or manga-inspired mobile games released on the Google Play Store, ranked by #playscore, our rating system based on critic and gamer review scores.

List of the best Android games
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  1. there is "ninja glory" its realy good game

  2. Aight need to delete some memes to add more space.

  3. Dragon ball dokkan is good but fr DBLegends is so much more fun and way more engaging

  4. I don't skip ads for support. I like you're content.

  5. If someone was smart, they'd make a SAO MMORPG game. They'd make so much money.

  6. What's wrong with you !! This all games fucking pay to win. So not fun . Just give us paid games OK.

  7. 80% of anime games are just re-skinned copies of each other

  8. Dude can you give us the real memory cause dragon Ball legends is now 2.1 GB and it's just the file

  9. Db legends should be the first
    Always the best🔥🔥😎

  10. in theory Pokémon Go is not an anime game, it’s just the opposite, it’s not because there’s an anime that the game comes from

  11. You haven't mentioned Night Wish and Honkai Impact which they are way better than those list.

  12. What about Pokemon Quest or Karpador Jump?

  13. so wired list……………?_0 where chenshin impact ?????????????

  14. Oh.. don't really find any of this games that funny.. I guess I'm bored of mobile games

  15. Hello Fellow Weebs. Its Me Kuraie!
    Anime Games i Recommend
    1. Fate Grand Order
    2. Azur Lane
    3. Ark Knights
    4. Bang Dream

  16. glad to see duel links, lot of builds to play onn pvp, but some boring on pve

  17. These are game that you need to uninstall them if you are a pc gamer

  18. I don’t think kirito or anyone from sao is my favorite character

  19. WTF?!!?! what about my hero academia the strongest hero 😐

  20. I'd recommend dragon ball legends instead of dokan battle

  21. BBS only ranks 6th? Your ranking is simply ridiculous!!! It is way better and more addictive than the higher ranking ones!

  22. Here 2 game that I recommend Bleach mobile 3rd 2. ONE PIECE BOUNTY

  23. Top 8 anime game in android by me
    1. Genshin impact
    2. Arknight
    3. Doki doki literatur club
    4. Fgo
    5. Steins gate
    6. Fate realta nua
    7. Honkai impact
    8. Bang dream

  24. I have a sword art online game for android called sao integral factor, in my opinion thats the best anime game, can u please make a video about this game aswell

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