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Top 10 Android Anime Games | whatoplay

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– Complete list of Android Anime games

Here’s a ranking the top ten games on the Android that are either based on popular anime and manga, or contain anime-like visuals and tropes. These are the top-rated anime titles available on the Google PlayStore.

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  2. We want same but on PC/PS4/Xbox One/Switch

  3. Dragon Ball Legends and Duel Links better be in top 3
    Legends at 8 seriously😑

  4. I really love your videos but mine my recommend for me, android games is just honkai impact 3 and alchemia and also toram Its just my only my opinion though peace≥3≤

  5. Btw bleach brave souls that I love in your recommendation hehe≧ω≦

  6. Lmao the fact that there is no FGO already means there's something wrong

  7. I like how you listed some games in portrait because my phone is broken and only works on bottom

  8. Man, seems that Honkai Impact 3 is really underrated and I think it's for the best.

  9. Glad to see Epic Seven on the list and in the top 5. It's really gòod!

  10. How can there be no FGO in this list ?!?! The game has been near the top of every top list for the past 2-4 years. Also what about Honkai Impact 3rd ? Not saying this list was bad , however it feels weird that popular anime android games are absent while something like FF9 ( which is merely a port) have a place on the list.

  11. Algunos juegos de tú lista son como un pay to win, pero igualmente está buenísimo el video. 😋👍✨

  12. When I saw the #1 entry Another Eden, I was like lol what is this?? I haven't heard this one

    Then I saw "Masato Kato + Yasunori Mitsuda" what the hell. Why did I only saw this now xD

    Thanks as always whatoplay!

  13. Thank you for top 10 anime android game i will try it and also i was hoping to see Dragalia Lost on the list too

  14. TOP game Story (Rich) Novel for Android or PC please 🙂

  15. Yup another eden dabest but Im so fed up w the gacha and the journey is tiring hahahaha

  16. Fire emblem heroes? Azur Lane? Epic seven?

  17. FGO not on the list much less number 1? Epic Seven is put here even FGO had an NA debut earlier than it?

  18. I just deleted naruto blazing. I had final valley Sasuke, heart kaguya, all madaras. Almost all obitos and Kakashis. Rlly regretting it rn.

  19. Was expecting for Aurora 7..
    too bad, it is not included.

  20. How about sword art online intergenal factor.

  21. What…. Corpse party's rating is that less?? It's a really awesome anime horror game.

  22. The chrono trigger references made me play Another Eden <3

  23. can someone tell me that anime fighting game that MC uses a Giant Wrench? Its like Honkai Impact 3

  24. Honkai impact 3 is best anime game. You must try it.

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