This Sounds Promising: Project GAMM - An Anime Game We All Need.. -

This Sounds Promising: Project GAMM – An Anime Game We All Need..

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Project GAMM is a brand new upcoming Anime RPG!
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Little is known about Project GAMM other than it is an upcoming Anime RPG with a large emphasis on multiplayer. This is a game that is NOT being built for mobile devices in mind, but looks to be a cross between both the Granblue Fantasy and Genshin Impact games. While we don’t know much about the game at present, we know you’ll be able to play with other players, and judging from the screenshots we’ve seen thus far.. I’m impressed with what I see.


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  1. Ok, it looks beautiful, but…
    >PvP oriented
    Aaaand dropped.
    . . . Kidding, I'll wait more info and a gameplay trailer, but I won't be holding my breath.

  2. Genshin success sparked most of this probably.
    If this is actual non-gacha multiplayer genshin then this is 11/10.

  3. In the pictures it looks cool, hopefully I did not disappoint

  4. Is it going be free tho im wondering or something have to pay 60 bucks for

  5. (Sighs) Joy a console game. Oh well thanks for your time anywho bubbas.

  6. Funny that Kenichiro goes from Senran Kagura to this.

  7. Ok, cool. But I don't really care until we see some in game footage. Anime games need to have the right art style and character design to make me happy.

  8. Cygames must be rolling in the dough now. Their latest hit, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – even though presently limited to Japan – during April 2021 ranked as the No. 3 highest-grossing mobile game in the world, topped only by the Chinese MOBA Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile. The latter two games make most of their money, 96% and 60% respectively, in China, the world's most populous country. In addition to Uma Musume and Granblue Fantasy, Cygames developed Rage of Bahamut, Shadowverse, Dragalia Lost, and Princess Connect! Re:Dive. Cygames worked with Arc System Works to make the fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus. Shirō Sagisu is the composer for the Evangelion anime TV series and films.

  9. Sounds like gacha game. Looks cool, but I'll have to pass on this one.

  10. I feel like at this point blue protocal is THE anime mmojrpg i am looking for to come out in the west one day! 😱🥺

  11. "The maid who's wielding a broomstick in 1 hand and in her other hand some kunai"
    I already like this game

  12. Let's be level-headed and be aware…. we've all been burned by screenshots and "in-game footage" before. Until I see an alpha demo, I'm gonna stay skeptical a bit.

  13. Any new game this decade coming out will be like…

    Theme: it’s a sci-fi fantasy where you fight with magic and machines.

    What type of game is it?
    Plan A: Traditional RPG
    Plan B: Action adventure
    Plan C: Hybrid Action combat
    Plan D: Lootshooter
    Plan E: Realtime strategy

  14. Can't really get excited for something I don't have much information on, especially given the state of Triple A games in recent times, more so if the developers are known for mobile games (minus a fighting game).

  15. Not on mobile? Dead on arrival, even if it is Cygames.

    I guess it's not too surprising Japan's King of Mobile is trying new things. At least we know budget will be decent since Cygames pack some serious dough.

  16. "most beautiful battle in the world"
    Me: "I'll be the judge of that"
    Seems first screenshot
    Also me: WOAH?!!!!

  17. u know what i said after saw that cutscene,, delicious!

  18. Wait….SHIRO FRIGGIN SAGISU is doing the music for this game? That is fucking hype. He did all of the music for the anime BLEACH. Songs like "Power To Strive", "Storm Center", "Hollowed", and "On The Precipice of Defeat". He does amazing work

  19. You had me at Cy Games.

    I love the senran Kagura series.

  20. Hahaha you said NOT mobile you have my attention 🤣 the game looks interesting. Thanks for the update I think I'll track this one for now 🤣

  21. I actually DID though that it was going to be a mobile game…

  22. Aside fromt the maid character, the special effects sold me, this game is gonna be awesome

  23. Looks like another generic trash. Genshen clone? Lol

  24. Llama for consul directed I need to no Games are the people that meet which has not yet, but his schedule to come out sometime if I'm not mistaken also interestingly enough Down by the directors who did adamy in the video superb now a magazine or when the announcement his first name do you play any flashlight and saying clear for your actionsgame series so the car tomatoes are going to be

  25. For people who didt like PvP don't worry they also plan for solo mode maybe its like story' mode.

    And cygames i know you don't want to overhype yet another projects but at least show us how they move that model look amazing.

  26. I bet they're taking ideas that didn't fit in Granblue Fantasy, and I bet they'll be using the same engine so we can have a fair idea how it would look in motion

  27. Let's all wait for the gameplay for now, guys.
    Wouldn't want our expectations to be crushed early on.

  28. But will the game come to the switch is what I am wondering.

  29. It does look good but honestly I'm more interested in faster gameplay and more mobs at a time than higher graphical fidelity I think things look good enough as is.

  30. Heard this game is like an arena fighter but I'm hope I'm wrong lol

  31. Already looking forward for its Granblue Fantasy collab for some extra crystals lol

  32. I'm very interested i just really don't want to it stuck to consoles only i pray we get a PC release too.

  33. Please don't be pay for advantage. Please don't be pay for advantage. Please don't be pay for advantage.

  34. So in cygames vision of things… is it a smart move announcing a new game when the other hyped game of the same genre (presumibly) is still buried under the dust? Gbf re:link is one of those game that the more further the development is in the more it's ruined (video after video the quality decreased)… Wanna hope but seems the GI will stay there alone for a long time…

  35. if blue protocol had pvp we wouldnt be going through this

  36. Random comment, but I think earing/stud would look good on you.

  37. Stix/Kyle are you ok :< you look a little different in this video

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