This Roblox Anime Game left me speechless... -

This Roblox Anime Game left me speechless…

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Roblox Legends Re:Written. This new update to this anime game introduced a brand new map revamp alongside a new boss and more!
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Roblox (originally stylized as ROBLOX) is a massively multiplayer online social game platform, where players are able to create and publish their own virtual worlds using building tools and Lua. Players can earn or purchase Robux, which can be cashed into real-world money if earned from developing games or clothing items. There are over 29 million games and approximately 56 million active/1.1 million peak concurrent players playing a total of 1 billion hours each month.

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  1. Fun fact if you use killua hair and use godspeed your hair change

  2. Pls play collausus legends its made by the same people and my favorite game

  3. finally scrumptious studios getting the recognition they deserve

  4. Beast litteraly showed me that u made a new vid

  5. Is that a warudo special move I see? Yo what’s goin on here

  6. You should definitely try fighting the Broly boss (spawns at Spring at the Halloween area). It's our most challenging boss at the moment (even if you have Warudo), especially if you wanna fight it solo.


  8. oGVexx : I'm literally maxed out right now-
    combat level :51
    THE MAX IS 100 haha no hate tho

  9. They honestly made the game so much worse by making it a graphics game I can barely play it on my pc

  10. I literally started this 3 days ago and then my favourite roblox youtuber plays

  11. I'm the guy who told you to play the game

  12. Really nice to see Vexx play these types of games hey vexx a naruto game is coming this month I think you should check it out it's called Bloodlines please atleast watch the video of it

  13. Hey Vex idk if ur gonna see this or not but here to ask you if you can play Ninja tycoon new update Pls 🙂

  14. The reason you are getting hp exp is because your hp levels up by regenerating exp. Also the reason you couldn't attack those people is because your combat level is too high, this game functions a lot like runescape and you can't fight people that are too low/high from your level.

  15. I saw the "SU" in the code and thought the code was just going to be "SUS"

  16. Who is also here because beastakip told us theres a free blessing code???

  17. this game is amazing and your video is really fun to watch

  18. i wish they made trees less laggy
    when you fly into them…

  19. have u played demon fall it is DOPE my g

  20. Aincrad online claps tbh its not even alpha.

  21. you got a new subscriber and please lend me your luck to get warudo

  22. Vex, If you want to pvp people your combat level should be in the range of 10 higher or lower than the person.

  23. play this game again and tell them to add another code i need roles pls

  24. I'm so excited for the future of this game!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 BE SURE TO USE CODE "SUB2OGVEXX" IN-GAME FOR 5 FREE BLESSING SPINS!

    Use starcode OGVEXX in the roblox store when you buy ROBUX btw!

    ALSO join my discord server:

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