This NEW Roblox Anime Game isn't what you think it is.. -

This NEW Roblox Anime Game isn’t what you think it is..

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Roblox Anime Attack Simulator. This new anime simulator game is actually fire! I had a blast on it and can’t wait to make another vid, if you guys want!
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  1. Vex can you go back to play shindo life plsss

  2. In the jojo world you can do a the world and it’s basically like a rebirth and it’s needed if you wanna become stronger

  3. Can we agree all these simulator game are make vex channel lose viewers is this true

  4. The game's not as grindy s you think, theres a "The World" function on the JoJo world where you can reset ranks but not levels nor pets, so you can catch up in 5 mins and reset your rank to gain more levels

  5. you should play dragon ball final rematered

  6. Am I the only one that dislikes vexes new look

  7. aint no way people play these type of games…don't yall get bored


  9. i love play to winning its so good he said in a weird way

  10. just a basic garbage simulator with no effort into it

  11. its an anime fighting simulator type game
    watches video
    "This NEW Roblox Anime Game isn't what you think it is.."
    ok then..

  12. Everytime you get a new rank it resets your level to 1. also you can see your scrolls below when your in scroll shop.

  13. Bruh I got to where u got in a day without robux

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