This New Roblox Anime Battlegrounds Game is ACTUALLY GOOD!🔥 -

This New Roblox Anime Battlegrounds Game is ACTUALLY GOOD!🔥

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Intro Songs –
oshi – i carmacked bastille
Odece ~ Betrayal 2
oshi – think about it
mr carmack – ain’t loyal (oshi’s version)
JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Opening 2 version 2 (Dio’s version)
JoJo: Vento Aureo Opening 1
Outro Songs
My Hero Academia – Stop Them With Full Power (Rifti Beats Trap Remix)
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  1. Game looks rly good but I’m not gonna play by the looks I’m gonna play if it’s fun

  2. Do I have to be a tester to be able to play this game?

  3. Tbh
    If I say
    "Add Fate characters"
    Im gonna get cancelled lol
    I mean atleast we getting gilgamesh and shirou

  4. It gives me mental pain You didn't know how to air combo at the start, you just press space after the 3rd/4th m1

  5. Go try this game out -> not release yet T-T

  6. When the game comes out I want to see the barrage m1 combo for every character.

  7. Is there any chance that i can play this on mobile

  8. Hey can tell me ain't this game file leak so is this just other game

  9. Ngl my guy has major skill issue😂😂😂 still goated tho

  10. I’ve been cursed to only speak lord farquad says:

    Bro I’m tired of coming soon can all the games just release now

  11. it's good and it's not released so much more stuff

    very good game and i hope for more characters

  12. Am I going to ignore that he played Jolyne them song?

  13. 4:36 everyone saw alucard right ?
    where are my hellsing fans at ?

  14. You can also do air combos by pressing space also some attacks have some fat endlag

  15. I’m new to this guys channel but bro’s intro don’t miss 🥶

  16. I love this game I'm really sad it's not released tho

  17. 10:15 secret character (the character is from the Netflix anime hellsing Ultimate)

  18. Just a reminder that 2 days from now and anime warriors will be released!

  19. how can someone hate demon slayer? anyways the game look fun

  20. Bro both you and sly made the same joke abt aokiji being cold :/

  21. I say this in all the videos but your new into is straight fire 🔥

  22. man i'd been lookin forward to this but found out it private experiance

  23. Why do they keep giving killua the damn skateboard in these games when his signature weapon is the yo-yo

  24. Omg what am i seeing, 6.9K likes and 69 dislikes ?!>?!?!

  25. Infernasu already cracked at the game already o-o

  26. オタクハウスمنزل الأوتاكو says:

    Bruh that game is better than aba tbh

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