This NEW Open World Anime Game is SO PERFECT! -

This NEW Open World Anime Game is SO PERFECT!

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Scarlet Nexus is a FIRE NEW open world anime game that dropped recently in 2021.

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  1. This just look like a honkai impact with much better graphic version

  2. God damn, open setting before complaining everything 🤣

  3. this is a actual anime btw it pretty good so far all eps aint out yet tho

  4. You can watch the of scarlet nexus which currently ongoing or read manga for better understanding ✌🏻

  5. I subscribed because you seem to be a of culture

    would have prefered it in sub too

  6. Hoestly I like dub and sub but it depends on if you want to watch more anime or wait. Extra week for a English version

  7. And if you only watch anime in sub you're not a true anime fan

  8. First time I watched one of your videos
    Man your on fire man bmt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯
    I mean your spot on ppl who watch anime in sub get more emotional feedback from the anime than ppl who watch the anime in dub
    Example Naruto all the series especially shippuden
    But the game is awesome going and download it now😌😌😌😌

  9. Man said dub is trash and I subscribed immediately lol

  10. I knew who was the main characters due to them not wearing any mask

  11. i like the way you say "demolished" HAHA

  12. as a sub watcher, i can relate to this on a spiritual level lmao

  13. me watching the anime and playing the game too. I have trecended reality!

  14. I know this, this is Scarlet Nexus

    Im on episode 11 of this

  15. you and this game are dogwater
    oh and I hope you can move to japan

  16. Man i just found you in recommendations and i subbed faster than my dad left me……

  17. This is also an anime the name is same it is airing right now i am watching it and it is good.

  18. Why does it seem like so many people hate English dubs for no reason?
    I mean seriously,sometimes English dubs just sound better than the Japanese version in my opinion;take Hitoto from Gundam build divers Re:rise,I think that the English voice actor just sounds better than the Japanese voice actor,I’m not saying the the Japanese voice actor is bad though;but the Japanese voice actor for Cuadorn definitely sounds better than the English voice actor.

  19. After about 1 minute into this video, I really digged the presentation of your review, subcribed IMMEDIATELY. Dig your style my dude.

  20. Yo I stopped watching at 2:00 because I want to experience it myself, it looks really good. Hopefully my cheap ass laptop can run the game!

  21. This dude sounding like kneecaps is some places

  22. Seems very similar to Astral Chain. Not really an open world like Genshin but the graphics of this game ain't bad.

  23. Imagine if Cyberpunk made like this, it'll fire!

  24. I love anime but their game… no offense, mostly (imo) scaled between mediocre to terrible.

  25. Hey, upload schedule is trash. ik

    good news is that ill be back on my grind here in the next couple days hittin yall with daily uploads again.

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