This NEW Anime Game is ACTUALLY Pretty Good! (Exclusive Gameplay) -

This NEW Anime Game is ACTUALLY Pretty Good! (Exclusive Gameplay)

AfroSenju XL
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Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions is IT chief! Or at least I think so

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  1. AFRO…. CHECK OUT BAKI BRO… I Think You Would Like Yujiro Hanma

  2. This game already looks more hype than any fifa game out there.

  3. Love the game, the anime and the characters. Still have he first episode CD from 2004-2005. Back then his anime would shape dreams!!!

  4. Game:do this so you know how to play the game
    Afro:Me go ZOOOOOMM !

  5. My guy is really about to drop Ghost of Tsushima isn't he? I'm devastated.

  6. We admire you as well Afro!
    Us Futbol/soccer players/coaches

  7. Swear on yo guckin YEEZY'S if you dont press that damn O button…

  8. I do fencing and I will become the champion.

  9. Anyone else notice he didn’t edit out the swearing in the middle of the video

  10. wait until he figures out what ''offside'' is damn thats gonna be a treat

  11. this is better than fifa 21 and it aint even out yet

  12. Soccer: Team Sport
    Afro: I'm gonna use one guy and not follow the tutorial lol
    It's a cool game when played properly lol
    Finally after almost the whole video, you did it lol good job!

  13. Tsubasa .. Hyuga .. Matsulkhrob .. dokhrob . tekhtekh aa Brothers xDD omg

  14. If I use a ps4 controller turned onto my pc can I play with my friend online battle? He have ps4 and I only have pc. Btw do I need to buy dlc road to boruto to play online battle with him, cuz he haves. Im talking about naruto shippudden ultimate ninja storm 4.

  15. I died inside watching him not long pass but you gotta admit, those jukes were lit

  16. I’m a big sports fan in general, but football (soccer) is by gar my favorite sport, I support Ajax and Juventus

  17. Hey there….. WHERE IS GHOST OF TSUSHIMA!!!

  18. Afro I need to see ur match against Germany in the final match of the game, I just need that in my life, trust me you’ll like this game. I was skeptical at first about this game but after beating episode tsubasa, and new hero I was sold. Please keep playing

  19. I wish I could hear the full version of his opening theme.

  20. Yoo pls make more gameplays homie!!! I just got the game, you know how lowkey it is yo, this jaunt fireeeee💯‼️

  21. Get this to 25 bro. I need to see more. I gotta watch the anime now. I scrolled past most sports alike but haikyu got me.

  22. Love soccer and this game pretty fun love to see u play i

  23. The tutorial doesn’t let you do power shots with no one that isn’t tsubasa

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