This NEW Anime Game is Actually AMAZING.. -

This NEW Anime Game is Actually AMAZING..

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Today I found out about this New Attack On Titan Game thats actually a fan made game is amazing. Graphics, Mechanics. playing and fighting the titans was a blast!

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Roark’s Attack on Titan Fan Game Roark @Roark1643

Summary ➤ Basically we played this somewhat new anime game that’s fan made of attack on titan. You can litterly play as Eren and fight Titans. The mechanics are hard to use and i wish there was a way you could change the key binds but other than that this anime game is a 10/10

Btw Im still watching AOT season 4 and still reading the Manga, so please dont spoil it for me lol


  1. Dude it just got WAYYYY better! You gotta play the updated PvP version!!!

  2. You say your a big fan when you can’t even use odm gear

  3. What is your highest score on this game? 👇👇👇

  4. Not joking, if you analyse the story and lore of AoT deeply, focus on characters like Eren, Reiner, Zeke, Erwin, Aot is probably one of the best pieces of fiction ever written. Not only in anime, but in any medium whatsoever.

  5. They have released the full version of the game and its better than this

  6. the game just recently released. Kinda ironic that it says NEW in title and it's actually the old version of the game from years ago.

  7. The new multiplayer version of this game just came out and it is amazing

  8. Ngl that slap on the back of the head scared me

  9. Play mobile legends on mobile there’s a character name fanny as mikasa

  10. yo you should play the recently updated version of this game

  11. Eren tried to kill titans using ODM gear and miss a lot just like in actual series 💀

  12. i like how he calls a game from 2016 ''new''

  13. Dude😂😂😂 so fun to watch you suffer😂😂😂😂🔥

  14. I have real aot blades cape and outfit and the whole mange

  15. Mine is not working anf nothing displays on screen

  16. Play this again the new update is amazing it’s multiplayer now

  17. Hold left shit to hook the the targets outworks I mean shift

  18. Isn't this the old version that was cancelled and replaced by the PvP one?

  19. ahh you should definitely play the new version why the old lmaooo
    I know what you mean I love AOTTT so much and the newer version so so fun coz its always multiplayer but the only thing I do not like is the attack mode etc.

  20. My man but forgive me but, I AM THE ONE AND TRULY ATTACK ON TITAN #1 FAN…

    Also my waifu's said it too-Mikasa, shasa, and historya

  21. I finish the Final season in attack on titan

  22. Bro the real aot game should hire the person that made this


  24. your not just the biggest fan of aot im😠😠😠

  25. Him :y isn’t he dieing I’m hitting his neck also him hitting the back of the titan head

  26. Bro when my brother heard that I wacth you he said woah

  27. What a noob player your saying the titan slow then how slow are you because you can,t even kill a single titan without dieing 3,4 times

  28. the one he said sh%$ was hilarious he was meant to say shift

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