This *NEW* Anime Gacha Game is HEAVEN for F2P players! | Anime Worlds | Roblox -

This *NEW* Anime Gacha Game is HEAVEN for F2P players! | Anime Worlds | Roblox

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This *NEW* Anime Gacha Game is HEAVEN for F2P players! | Roblox
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Use StarCode : Snow
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#Snowsquad, #SnowRBX, #200KCreator


  1. thats a copy of the game pet swarm simulator in roblox :///

  2. Let’s pray for the players that spend so much robux on amine fighters

  3. I recommend getting sasuke in early prety good if u ask me

  4. Dont click exit just keep clicking when u open

  5. It’s so cold outside mom I don’t wanna touch grass lemme play.

  6. hey snow i recently got banned from rob lox for seven days D:

  7. This game actually copied another game but made the characters from anime

  8. I have not watched u in a very long time the last time i watched u is when u had 100k subs

  9. my team rn is kakashi (mythical) and two of those epics ( 2 star) which does basiclly that same damage as ur team

  10. BECOME P2W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO SEE UR ROBUX DIE

  11. Anime fighters vedios and new games vedios sucks and astd vedios are the best

  12. Snow its not really inspired by anime fighthers. It was created by the people who created oet swarm simulator.

  13. U Dont have to be the level of the enimie, its just that they do allt of damige on you.

  14. This game is like pet swarm simulator

  15. tf u mean heaven. everything about the game is tedious to do

  16. I’m dying when my sister heard his intro and it says it’s so cold outside she said then go back In

  17. Snow, press the 1,2,3, at the bottom for a special attack

  18. Im f2p and im last world in this game with 2mythicals and 1legendary

  19. This is p2w cause the storage for apples are so bad

  20. I am watching this cause anime artifacts will get copy right for sure

  21. The only thing bad about the game is there's isn't multi delete


  23. this guy keep frogetting to use skills

  24. Bruh he be be like fight back birch fight back fight back nigag fight back

  25. he snow i have a tip for u if you click add orb and then spamm the orb u wil put orbs in the other boxes two hope this helpes

  26. This game rng sucks like I hatched 19 orbs but only gave me commons :/

  27. Fun fact: anime worlds shall be banned for stealing genshin impact characters and locations at world 4

  28. miskeen means poor in arabic…gotta say that's kind of racist

  29. Game link on the desc. Should I become a stinky p2w?

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