This Game is FUN! NEW Roblox Anime Game 🔥 -

This Game is FUN! NEW Roblox Anime Game 🔥

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Roblox Anime Combat Simulator. This new anime game is another simulator game that is heavily inspired by Anime Fighters, but it’s good!
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  1. haven’t watched you in a while so whats up man how you been doing hope you have been doing well take care of yourself man

  2. why does the thumbnail look like gojo gaging

  3. Not ganna lie this is cool that's why the intro is fire

  4. Bro on the mean time u should just watch Tokyo revengers specially cause your a gangster

  5. Play dragon blow they just had a huge revamped update

  6. Kinda getting tired of this repitivity, its anime game blows up, a bunch of copies release and it repeats

  7. And again another anime fighter rip off, its the exact same how is it 'fun' your just playing the same game but made by a different person and yes I know I it Jas maybe 1 or 2 differences but that's all. I'm just calling facts here

  8. Hey vexx, thank you for the uploads man I be gettin' bored as hell on yt and your content keeps bringing me back haha keep up the great work!

  9. My guy you have not watched Tokyo revengers that anime is the sickest shiz you ever see

  10. I want a new game taht is not the same to anime Figher 🙁

  11. I was playing this game yesterday such low play count today came back saw it was stacked then I opened YouTube and know I know why

  12. Im a really really big fan of you and i watch your vids everyday but please play some games thats not simulator 😁

  13. Eyy finally a Tokyo revengers map in an anime game

  14. There is a new king legacy update so uhhhhh I guess check that out

  15. Bro what’s the name of the outro song? It’s freaking fire

  16. no its not its a god damn simulator every game is the same

  17. Love how he doesn’t realize that the first lvl was Tokyo revengers lol

  18. Ogvexx can you give me some tip on games I should play Bc I’m a starter yt and I need help

  19. thanks for buying all the gamepasses, i was thinking of buying a gamepass but was unsure until you tested it

  20. Not gonna lie, I thought this one was gonna be bad; but it turned out to be fun! lol 😭😂

    Use starcode OGVEXX in the roblox store when you buy ROBUX btw!

    ALSO join my discord server:

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