There's Already a Squid Game Anime -

There’s Already a Squid Game Anime

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Squid Game offers survival game thrills like almost nothing else. The “almost” is Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, a classic anime with the exact same concept. But is Netflix’s new KDrama a ripoff? Or a reinvention?
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  1. Big disagree on the interpretation of the strike. They even say the subsequent closing was falsely blamed on the strikers. It is more of a demonstration of how the status quo is designed to exploit and destroy the lives of the working class.

  2. Well yeah but what if you don’t wanna watch anime?

  3. The “eyes wide shut crap” is some of the most interesting parts of Squid Games. Also you’re ignoring the one clearly Japanese/Chinese elite guy with the deer mask. The imagery and subliminal messaging in the show, makes the show. Yeah, I saw Battle Royale too. I also liked Squid Games more. I’m also ok with a sequel bait. It’s presented as a series. A second season would be great. I’m happy to see some come-up-ins and nihilism just really doesn’t slap for me.

  4. Now imagine Squid Games, but with the anime announcer from Kaiji.

  5. i hope in 2 more years you´ll make another of this videos

  6. Anyone else get Deadman Wonderland vibes from the show?

  7. The second I saw squid game, I immediately thought of Kaiji. I was like they are taking the same concept but doing in real life with netflix.

  8. I didn't watched Kaijin anime but i Watched Squid game. It's good but everytime i watch it seems very obvious and always reminds me the anime. It's very similar to anime.

  9. Kaiji is literally the same concept as squid game

  10. bro i coincidentally watched kaiji a couple months back the similarities were way too distracting

  11. Squid Game was an good to watch but definitely not the best.

  12. Is there a chance in hell the populairty of Squid Game is gonna result in season 3 of Kaiji?

  13. Every person I hear talking about Squid Game, I tell them "If you liked it and you like anime, also try Kaiji! It's one of the inspirations for Squid Game and it's really, REALLY good."

    We've only seen the first few arcs of Kaiji and parts of some of the spinoffs. If people liking Squid Game brings more viewers to Kaiji, and then we get the rest of the series adapted, I'll be the happiest weeb this side of (place). I finished Kaiji just as Squid Game was coming out, and so saw a bunch of the little references (you don't think he just happened to meet at the Skyline Motel for no reason, do you?).

    BONUS: Someone did an anime opening for Squid Game where it is literally the opening to Kaiji… except it's Squid Game. There's even a little bit where you see Il-Nam is the director. It's incredible. They also turned the opening from the Tonegawa Anime, but it's Harry Potter.

    The last thing we need is more people claiming it's a rip-off like they did with The Hunger Games/Battle Royale. Squid Game does a lot that Kaiji does, but Fukumoto's specific style is very distinctive and Kaiji is worth watching for it alone.

  14. I felt squid game was more like As the Gods Will

  15. I’ve had Kaiji saved in my watch list for over 5 years, yet I binged Squid Game in a week just cuz it’s so heavily advertised lol

  16. since you are on the defensive, no squid game is not great. It's mediocre, average, fine, hmm, okay…..

  17. The director himself is a fan of Kaiji, Battle Royale, Liar Game. He mentioned Squid Game has a lot of legacies and hommage to such DeathGame genre. He just realized that their games were too hard to narrow it down to a TV series where runtime really matters so he just made it all simpler with child games he played back in 1970s. But my whole question is, why is Kaiji hadnt gone so viral as Squid Game.

  18. I think what I like more about squid game is how they play playground games which are very culture specific. I think your projection in people saying "I would do this and I would do that" is kinda wrong because from what I hear and read, a lot of people still acknowledge the difficulties of the games even though the games are pretty accessible. It's also more about group strategies instead of individual trickery, which makes the games all the more difficult imo. It's not at all original, but turned around the concept pretty well imo.

  19. Holy shit. I never realized how similar they were until you pointed it out. Funnily enough I watched Kaji a few weeks ago then tried Squid Game on Netflix and never saw the connection.

  20. I hope ppl enjoy whatever they like 👍
    I heard that the scriptwriter or director? was influenced by Kaiji so much, most of my Japanese friends like this show and I will watch it one day

  21. Why do people want an anime version tho? The acting is a big part of the show's popularity

  22. haven't watched the video yet but imma speak from what I know about the discussion on weather squid game is original.
    first of all, we…
    already know about kaiji and as the gods will
    but you see, kaiji, squid game, and as gods will are all unique in their own respective ways.
    secondly, as gods will came out in 2010, whereas the script for squid game was written in 2009, which makes it virtually impossible for it to copy the plot of as gods will.
    also the main focus of squid game varies differently from death game genres such as kaiji, by having no real "heroe". sure, the main character is nice, but they aren't empowered with total genius or talent in the games shown, unlike in shows like kaiji, where the main character, although a loser, shows surprising talent in playing.

    edit: after a lot of pain and suffering, I managed to read all of kaiji, even the one poker episode

  23. even tho squid game isn't much original because there has been already those deadly game genres, the way squid game was actually planned since around 2008 is making me confuse whether if squid game is original or not idk anymore🥳

  24. Kaiji-1 anime is my favorite story (I put it like that to emphasize that it's my favorite among all TV shows, movies, books etc) of all time. I have really mixed feelings now about Squid Game success 😅It's great on it's own, yeah! But am I glad about that or am I angry that Kaiji didn't get anywhere close to that popularity? I don't know. THANK YOU for bringing up Kaiji and talking about this masterpiece either way.

  25. When the kpop cop gets shot, has to be one of the best read lines ever

  26. Thank you so much for drawing attention to this

  27. Thank you for reminding me just how incredible Kaiji is. I kind of fell off with the recent heist arc in the manga, but Kaiji and, by extension, Akagi (the genius who descended into the darkness and all he got was this lousy t-shirt) turned me on to another genre of anime where even the protagonist might be sent to the shadow realm.

  28. Thank goodness there are some people have enough sanity to point out that squid game copied Kaiji and there is no way you'd call it unique. But it really pisses me off when anime like Kaiji the survivor are left in the shadows and unseen by common anime viewers and then they try to sell Squid game like its the best thing since sliced bread.

  29. I mostly just wish it focuses even more on the "capitalism reduces us to our must childish instincts" aspect that certain moments give like in the ending (the show ends after the end of the last game and the winner starts noticing that the money didn't really fix any issues) and the honeycomb.. all the conspiracy stuff just didn't with as much for me in squid game

    And sadly kaiji doesn't have that generational commentary where in the end you are no less than the violent kids playing on the street.. but hopefully the rock paper scissors will work well

  30. At least the director acknowledged influence of Kaiji. He also copied As Gods Will for Red light Green light scene but when asked, he said he was working on his script from 2008 or something so if he had to say, his is original which makes no sense and disrespectful

  31. Kaiji is way more intense. Squid Game is emotional

  32. Some people seem to not know that squid game is a part of the death game genre

  33. I got to admit that I don't like Kaiji. It deviates way too much from the gambling theme into torture porn. There's nothing gambling about balance beams and its hilariously fatal sequel.

  34. The Kaiji Similar theme has been around for a long time. Stephen King – Running Man(novel) and etc. The main character of Stephen King Running Man is set in a very poor state with no daughter hospital bills, and is a story of participating in a death show. Kaiji already has 3 japanese movies. Famous Japanese actors appear. but research did it not get good reviews from critics and they didn't work at the global box office.

  35. The big bad really doesn't have to be disconnected to common folk or have no sense of humanity. In some way he has to to become the villain, that's why I liked Ilnam as the big bad, because his motives made sense.

  36. SG made me think of Deadman Wonderland immediately…

  37. I personally really enjoyed the set designs and especially the acting in Squid Game. Obviously, these things are different when compared to an anime, which requires a different set of skills to pull off masterfully. I think most of the cast did an excellent job with the role they were playing and made for a convincing character.

  38. Bruh, people going crazy for Squid Game and STILL sleeping on Kaiji. It honestly irks me because I know Kaiji could be a smash hit if people would give it a chance.

  39. I was thinking Squid game is similar to Kaiji

  40. I dub this genre Asian death game and its found literally anywhere that i find squid game not so exiting as i have seen this genre many many times. I don't know why the Euro-Americans find this popular cuz i find this show bland

  41. Ah yes, another entry in the perpetual pissing match that is Korea and Japan constantly trying to one-up each other in media.

  42. The creator of Squid Game DID confirm that Kaiji is one of his manga inspirations behind Squid Game (alongside Battle Royale and Liar Game).

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