The ULTIMATE FIGHT! Anime Fighting Simulator | Roblox -

The ULTIMATE FIGHT! Anime Fighting Simulator | Roblox

Animators VS Games
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So… Dj is a nerd, right? What’s new with you?
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ABOUT Animator vs Games:
Avg is a Gaming Channel about two best buds playing hilariously fun games! Alan and DJ play action, puzzle, stick figure games, and sometimes make reaction videos! Thanks for checking us out.

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  1. Pls do more freaking more this thing ateacks me pls do more pls


  3. ah i remember the good old days when qd in anime fighting was considered good.

  4. I like how dj said its a game for babies but babies cant even play and they are playing it so their babies XD

  5. Finally a Roblox YouTube video that doesn’t have people screaming and uwu girls screaming louder

  6. "it is purley addicting for the sake of addiction"
    DJ, 2020

  7. Its like he used a wave but it looks like a flush

  8. ROBLOX IS THE BEST GAME (maybe minecraft is better)

  9. Alan: like 2007
    Roblox veterans: What the…

  10. Attack on titan armored titan I have that I'm on gear fourth quest

  11. Like I was playing this game for kinda a year but DJ lied about the day like one week no itz like a year or month

  12. lets pop with me bc im noob only had 776 trillion

  13. pls play roblox many many many many times

  14. More roblox plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  15. Actually auto clicker doesnt work with chakra

  16. he said that cookie clicker was befor roblox but thats a lie

  17. whos here after they copy righted the names of the characters

  18. Dj: this game is for babies

    also them; playing

  19. I want actual animation of stick men playing this who is with me lol

  20. That fact that Dj killed the human in roblox said ow

  21. That fact again there in the boat and dj said there’s a guy and that guy said hi and that guy killed alan

  22. Roblox is not a kids game anymore. If u looked at the avatar section u would know.

  23. Omg animae fithing sinolator thats battle player

  24. Didn't knew Alan plays Roblox. He should make a Roblox series!!

  25. I’ve played this game for months, and now I’m a 8b powered person

  26. Play arsenal >:D its a hard game btw

  27. The Intro The Aot Intro Made Me Play It Back A MILLION Times Cuz I LOVED Attack on Titan

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