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The Next Generation of Anime Games

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Taking a look at the Scarlet Nexus demo, the first anime game of the new console generation, which we got early access to provided by Bandai Namco. After clearing the demo, it’s clear that Scarlet Nexus shows a lot of promise. I love the combat, I’m intrigued by the two protagonist gimmick, we’ll see where it goes




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  1. It looks like a combination of God Eater + Nier

  2. Aw. i dont play games that don't have online modes.

    Im waiting for a good MMO like blue protocol and project long…

  3. Need new sequel after Demon slayer game release for new series came out

  4. Just played the demo. Very Astral Chain absolutely loved the demo.

  5. Getting Sonic Adventure 2 Vibes
    Same game, different paths. It would be sick if they included a bonus 3rd chapter once you clear both stories.

  6. Yo, Globku, Tanjiro's (Hinokami Kagura) trailer is out

  7. Bro wake up they added fire dancing tanjiro

  8. Will it only be on the new gen or will it be on old gen too?

  9. i wont be getting a ps5 anytime soon so if its on ps4 then i will give it a try for sure.

  10. Globku new character trailer for taniro hinokami kagura

  11. …don't the two 500 km telepaths have the same last name?

  12. You say it’s 2 hours and free SHEEESH this game sounds so good. I don’t mind paying for this game

  13. This demo is definitely worth your time if you’re a fan of devil may cry/ bayonetta style games

  14. The correct way to do different gendered characters that’s not an mmo where you make your own character, instead of ac bs

  15. thanks for the recommendation on trying this game out @Globku

  16. Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Object says:

    Looks exactly like astral chain

  17. This game looks hella stale and boring. And you sure see they took A LOT from NieR Automata

  18. I hope when the game comes out they add a camera zoom slider. The demo was wayyyy too zoomed out during most of the "outdoor" segments for my liking, Could not see alot of the minor details to the areas and npcs because of this. Also not being able to dodge/sidestep during attack animations or SAS moves made certain enemies extremely unfun but perhaps there are skills that aren't available in the demo that fix this issue; or maybe that's just jrpg jank that will bog down the gameplay similar to god eater/monster hunter? (played on ps4).

  19. scarlet nexus , for me is god eater 5 (4 is code vein)

  20. I've had a chance to play this demo and I am pretty impressed with what I played now one nit pick I had was the game itself actually had a bit of a time to keep up with my gameolay now I don't know whether ot not it's because I use a one x rather then a series x but Idk ither then that the game itself looks promising I'm not a huge fan of the slide type conversations you have and occasionally through out the game have cutscenes but again it's not a make or break for me just a bit of a disappointment

  21. the clairvoyance girl is so cheap you can parry the boss into a downed state

  22. the boss fight is not bad your just not used to the game, you can parry and perfect dodge the boss attacks, combo your team skills and down him without even using l2 attack because the l2 attacks make the fight trivial

  23. My only issue with the game was that I couldn’t dodge in mid Attack but besides that I loved it

  24. Finally some good stuff for xbox for once

  25. The funny thing is , I just watch this gameplay yesterday …lol .
    And soon I know this game will be be releasing an anime tv , it's like wow I can't believe and also can't wait for it .

  26. Is that MHOJ2 music I hear in the background?

  27. If anyone that don't know, the costume you put will also show up on loading screens. Its unnecessary but a nice touch nonetheless.

  28. Scarlet Nexus for now, and Tales in September, I can't wait!

  29. its also getting an anime and op is still from oral cigs so nice.

  30. well tales of arise will be the first next gen anime game who deserv the titel… sorry couldnt resist

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