The Next BIG Anime Games 2022... -

The Next BIG Anime Games 2022…

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E3 2021 is almost here and this hopefully means a NEW Dragon Ball Game, New Naruto, NEW (insert your favorite anime franchise here)…

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  1. I just wanna play a game like jump force but with goku all forms all characters have all there forms and they get updated too

  2. It might be bleach actually cause they realeasing their last season soon

  3. Upcoming game is very likely to be Db s kakarot or my hero sadly

  4. What about a jujutsu kaisen tekken I think they’d go best with that kinda fighting style or soul caliber sum like that

  5. a naruto or jump force fighterz would be cool

  6. A CC2 Bleach game would be a dream. Hopefully we know more next week.

  7. Im hoping we get a version of Kakarot but for Super, i dunno if i want them to do the movie arcs, but ill make more gameplay if it happens. If they do it, i really wanna wait a year or two longer so they have a bigger budget and a bigger amount of time to truly polish it, Kakarot was good, and i enjoyed it for what it was, but we're in the last DLC for it and i doubt theyll do an ass pull as give us more DLC.

  8. Hoping for the SAO Alicization Lycoris Paid DLC release date. The base game has been out for almost a year and I'm still waiting. I would not be mad at a sao fighterz but the chance of that is almost 0

  9. Yu Yu Hakusho hxh game would be Amazing I'd love that so much

  10. Tbh if I was to chose 1 anime to give the fighterz treatment it would have been mha cause it's my favorite anime and I enjoy fighterz

  11. I want a One Piece fighterz but sadly it’s never gonna happen… a true tragedy

  12. Just like jumpforce multiple anime in a game but more anime and then in the style of db fighterz or naruto storm series

  13. Ayo in the thumbnail, low key ui goku would bitch slap naruto and he'd fucking die before goku's hand even touched him.

  14. I hope we get a Naruto game using the storm engine that has a character creation system. Preferably you become a member of the Ambu like Sai and just have missions in the background of the Naruto story. That or it’s set in the Boruto age and it has Naruto’s story as a flashback thing in “training missions”.

  15. I would have gave bleach the fighterz gamestyle

  16. I would love a jojo fighting game that is not a console exclusive

  17. I would play the fuck out of a bleach fighting game either in the style of the storm games, or fighterz.

  18. Reckon we will get a game similar to jump force with multiple animes into one game. Dont think the gameplay will be the same but i think you will be able to choose what anime you mainly follow basically saying if u want u can be a saiyan and get super saiyan etc. Same for other races and animes

  19. Fighterz treatment for jump force . Bring back Tsuna

  20. We need ARCSYS to make a new naruto fighting game

  21. I would love a bleach or yu yu hakushou game. Especially if we don't get a new dragon ball game

  22. We need a dragon ball he collection game again

  23. Yk I been really thinking abt this lately maybe the secret CC2 game might be a bleach style dragon ball z kakarot or in better terms a open world bleach game

  24. I wish for a xenoverse 3 but even more crazy stuff <3 it would make me hype and crazy. Forgot to say i think yuyu hakusho need to get a game because its been an eternity. Would be weird but i miss a fighting bleach game. I have no idea what would be annonce, if there nothing i would be bump out. In a way i wish they would take 4 years for a good db game would be 100% hype. What if we get a kinda like diablo style xenoverse hack n slash not necessarily 2d . sorry for the long answer xD

  25. Just finished bleach and would love to see more games on it considering i hear its coming back

  26. One Piece or a JJK fighterZ I neeeeddddd it

  27. I kinda wanna see a shield hero game like sword art online alicization lycoris or something like that

  28. A new jojo game that kind of in the raging blast style but without the flying

  29. Who still waiting for dragon ball burst limit 2??

  30. Maybe a Attack of titan game? I mean, we all know part 3 is gonna come and it will prolly include our AOT2 hero (maybe, he was alive tho) story and obviously the whole season 4 story Or they can make a whole new game from Aot 1 to 4 and CAC story. But, it will take a lot of effort, like one piece pirate warriors where they start again from beginning to the newest Arc.

  31. Okay maybe you can help me get this out there so we need a anime game with a similar roaster like jump force but plays just like fighterz like tell me that wouldn’t be hard

  32. Ju-jitsu kaisen game id loooobe and hope it soooo damn much

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