The Next BIG Anime Games 2022... -

The Next BIG Anime Games 2022…

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E3 2021 is almost here and this hopefully means a NEW Dragon Ball Game, New Naruto, NEW (insert your favorite anime franchise here)…

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Intro Made by the Talented folks below:


  1. One piece game from CC2 would be my dream anime game

  2. Can we get a much better version of jump force with a way better story and better graphics

  3. I want a hunter x hunter game and tenkaichi 4

  4. CybeeConnect2 is making a Boruto game that's more like Kakkorot

  5. Well here we are, bandai's live stream is today, and guess who's on the thumbnail? Maybe there will be a new Dragon Ball game announced 🙂

  6. RhymeStyle: I dont think they're gonna announce anything with dragonball

    Nintendo Direct: We are adding Dragonball Z Kakarot to the Nintendo Switch with the first 2 dlcs

  7. im commenting here after the bandai presentation. it sucked, we only got one game and it was not an anime game

  8. Fr I think as a fighterz style game, naruto would work great, or a multi anime fighterz game

  9. All I want is a DBFZ 2 and a Naruto FighterZ, but we're propably going to get neither of those. I would like a Xenoverse 3 though.

  10. Full metal alchemist fighters, bleach fighters, hell even a fair tail fighters, HxH fighters

  11. I wish they would give of a fighters game with a jump force roster

  12. Just give me a DB game the
    At allows me a true RPG feel with the proper cosmetics. If I have a a tail, regardless of race, let it move. If I'm charging, let my hair/antenna float. If I'm a sayian, let me trasfor into what ever. Wether that be oozaru or God forms. And please… For the love of God… Let.👏🏾My.👏🏾Hair.👏🏾Stick.👏🏾Up.👏🏾When.👏🏾I'm. 👏🏾Super Sayian. And..let's not forget… planetary movement. If I want to go to yardrat or king Kai's planet to learn the instant transmission or the kioken let me. If I die let me go to other world or HFIL

  13. 1 Week ago
    I predict dragon ball Z: Kakarot for the switch along with a playable vegito & gotenks

  14. I want a dbz vegeta game where you get a mission success every time you get clapped by the main boss

  15. Bleach storm game, high chances it'll come once the tybw arc is animated

  16. Ok do jump force on Fighterz style and i forget naruto Fighterz

  17. Y’all I highly doubt it will be xenoverse 3 just bc there still adding to xeno verse 2

  18. We Need a Good, Storm alike BLEACH Game With All Characters Including LAST ARC it has been decades since good bleach game ffs. who tf wants another trash my hero academia game or something like that. We need Bleach or J stars back, also a good ONE PIECE game, pirate warriors and burning blood sucks af. pirate warriors 1 and 2 was great tho.

  19. Yu yu hakusho and hunter x hunter would be fire for a crossover fighting game

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