The NEW Dragon Ball 2021 Game left me speechless.. -

The NEW Dragon Ball 2021 Game left me speechless..

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Roblox Zenkai Origins. This new dragon ball anime game is seeming like the best 2021 dbz game on roblox! We’ll see how the updates roll out!
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  1. The game is dying we need something to help the ga,e the dev need to the game is dying now it has 7.4K players bro that’s not cool we need this game to survive

  2. I tried out this game and wasn't very impressed but after this video, i'm definitely gonna give it another try.

  3. gotta love how this guy says he wants things on and turns it off

  4. OMMMMMMMMMMGGGG IM IS URENOUTZ OMMGGGGG, thx oGVexx, im from brazil : D because this i dont talked so much… OMG I do not believe this +1 sub bro ; D

  5. You be sounding like dj dachamp sometimes to me lol it's koo like you his lil bro. Lol ya both entertaining af! 🤣 keep up the good work bro!

  6. Is it just me dying during the intro.

  7. Weird og make’s a vid 1 hour after mine jk

  8. Vexx always picking the solution characters lol

  9. Lol another Dragon Ball Z Final Stand Copy

  10. the nimbus wasnt glitched you press "n" to summon it too you but i think your website was glitched because within the first minute of release 2 days ago it had multiple likes and also there are gamepasses in the gamepass section

  11. i try typing the game out in roblox but it
    did not show can someone give me the link

  12. Bro am I the only one peeping the intro changes 😂😂

  13. Brody pack is super op, it's worth getting

  14. Ur nimbus gets faster when u put pionts In ur agility

  15. Trunks sword really wasnt worth it but it's looks cool

  16. Just seems like final stand to me, nothing special

  17. how to do you play the game?
    i tried to look for it i didn't see it i saw the group and looked for the game and no luck

  18. the funny thing is saiyans hair never change from when there born

  19. It didn’t leave him speechless that’s literally the whole vid he talks the whole vid it left him jokeless

  20. To use your nimbus fast you just need to press N

  21. 4:25 do u mean

    “Like i keep saiyan” 🥴

    I am from the bottom of my heart sorry for what i have just done and i hope to change in the future

  22. If you press "N" then it will pull out the nimbus without having to open up the menu

  23. This game is gonna go crazy after they start posting new updates! It's fire as is tho!! 🔥🔥🔥

    Use starcode OGVEXX in the roblox store when you buy ROBUX btw!

    ALSO join my discord server:

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