The Future of Anime Games -

The Future of Anime Games

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What’s next for anime games on PS5 and Series X?




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  1. All these people talking about HXH and bleach games fuck that! Give me a prison school rpg and a monster musume dating sim

  2. I would love to see Saint Seiya getting the Fighterz treatment.

  3. What i’d give for a yu yu hakusho, hitman reborn, or Rurouni Kenshin action rpg

  4. Mfw probably won’t ever get a bleach game and or it will probably be terrible……

  5. We all want a BLEACH game
    Imagine granblue fantasy verses graphics style but in BLEACH universe with all BLEACH characters 😁

  6. It rest in a 2d fighter called naruto fighter gaiden

  7. I’d like to see more games outside of shonens like Sakura wars

  8. Arena fighters and Musou games are pure jokes from video game perspective.

  9. not true, its just a dumb ass series to put in a fighting game

  10. Kinda sad we'll never get an official open-world naruto game. My only hope is that a different company makes a naruto inspired game that is decent.

  11. Meh, I'm sure anime games will keep being nothing more than bad or mediocre cashgrabs

  12. Thumbnail: Sasuke vs Tanjiro

    Tanjiro you will get SLAUGHTERED

  13. They really need to make these Anime games on the switch with English voices

    Fire Force
    Black Clover
    Maid Sama
    Fruits Basket
    Rosario Vampire
    Assassin’s Pride
    Death Note
    Bungou Stray Dogs
    Hunter X Hunter
    Black Butler
    Blue Exorcist
    Food Wars
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Baka to Test
    Cowboy Bebop
    Melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
    Familiar of Zero
    One Punch Man
    Black Butler
    Lucky star
    Sailor Moon
    Vampire Knight
    Mob Psycho 100
    Soul Eater
    Miss kobayashi’s dragon maid

  14. Bandai has no rival
    Arc system works: (holding BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Fighterz, and MHOJ) am I a joke to you

  15. Hajime no ippo with tsubasa type gameplay qte events special moves be ippo takamura for the story

  16. I hope they make a ippo game with cyberconnect or bandai

  17. Why hello there and greetings sir I’m a fan of yours I watch your reactions interesting sir

  18. Anime world with a crossover Disney and cartoons video games and comics and manga crossover as well

  19. Levels of power listen 👂 I love anime shows and movies

  20. Crossover between worlds greatest universe’s and multiverses now I make a stories of anime characters heroes and villains but god’s too it’s that god’s can change the world but among the crossovers

  21. I want an open world One Piece game with lots of customisation. Also sword art online open world with lots of customisation

  22. Any anime game that is like fighterz would be amazing especially mha

  23. Cross play will only be good with PC. Anime games don't sell on Xbox.

  24. I am predicting a Captain Tsubasa 2. The first game sold really well for an anime game. Half a million on first week and well, i like it, so i hope they support this one with DLC and fix the issues and then make a new one for PS5 with a new story arc.

  25. As a Bleach fan and somebody who collected quite a number of the manga volumes, I actually didn't notice the repetitiveness of the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo arc. When the Hueco Mundo arc started I just got more brain-dead and enjoyed the fight scenes as they were. The ending of the Ichigo vs Grimmjow fight was definitely lackluster after both sides kept refusing to go down, and then Grimmjow just giving up after his strongest attack was negated. Stark and Herbiel felt like they were not too well thought out with their lackluster skills, and watching this video made me aware of the fact that the final fight of Ichigo vs Aizen really did not have a satisfying conclusion to this story besides flashy attacks.

    The fullbringer arc to me was just a filler between the arrancar and quincy arc, with some more flashy fights. The quincy arc started off interesting and I guess like many people would agree it was too rushed and did not have a satisfying ending. For me it was one of the manga that I grew up with, and one of the series that helped when I wanted to improve on my drawing skills. It was sad to see it go downwards in terms of story quality, but I guess we'll just have to accept it and at least thank Tite Kubo for the many years he continued to bring this series to the world.

  26. granblue fantasy relink, tales of arise and blue protocol were my most anticipated games to be released

  27. Anime game is alway bad because of the fan, we eat up everything these franchise shit out without even a complain. Look at movie game ,in the early 2010 to 2016 these movie game starting to decline , and now look when infinity war came out and you see there is no game came out to cash grab on the hype, because shity movie game like iron man,green latern, sold so bad why border making it,instead of that now we get awsome superhero game like spiderman ps4,arkham series, injustice, that use the license of these character on good game instead of shitty brawler like naruto strom,musou bleach

  28. Anime with the potential to have great Roleplay CaC based games: HxH, Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, DBZ, My Hero, A.O.T, Tokyo Ghoul, Fairy Tale, Fire Force, SAO, OPM, and JoJo’s

    Games with CaC that was done wrong: DBZ, Naruto, A.O.T, and SAO

    Anime Games Bandai Owns: Naruto, DBZ, A.O.T, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero, JoJo’s, OPM

    See the trend? Give Bandai a competitor or they won’t do better same with 2k 🙄

  29. Gundam Extreme Versus. The arena anime fighter everyone should only care about. Too bad people keep saying its like Naruto Storm.

  30. Globku I swear to God, you always have the smoothest transitions to sponsor, I can't 😆😆

  31. I'd like to see Monolith Soft ( the company who makes the Xenoblade Chronicles games) make a Made in Abyss game.

  32. All we want is a heavily ambitious naruto game

  33. My favorite anime game of the last generation was Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise. After playing that game I just want a Gintama game made by the Yakuza team. I think they would make a perfect Gintama game. The comedic tone of Gintama along with the awesome action when it get's serious would be perfect for a Yakuza style game.

    As far as Anime games in general I wish companies that had anime licenses let Platinum Games make games for them. I think a lot of people would prefer a Action/Adventure anime game like Bayonetta, Astral Chain or Nier Automata instead of just more arena fighters or Warriors games.

  34. i would love more anime games, but not fighting games (specifically arena fighters)there is too much of them the only one i would actually look forward(The only arena fighter) would be a JOJO fighting game.

  35. A side by side fighting game like Dragonball. But like jump force with a bunch a bunch of anime characters. That'd be the dream game.

  36. I prefer arena fighters for battle shonen IPs.
    I am happy Demon Slayer just got one but I hope to get a similar quality games for IPs such as Bleach, Boruto, Full Metal Alchemist and Jujutsu Kaisen.

    I just wish that devs will improve on the aspects that are currently lacking and giving arena fighters the “cash grab” reputation that it suffers at this point in time.

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