THE FASTEST WAY TO GET YEN IN THE NEW [UPDATE 8] Anime Fighters Simulator (Roblox) Code* SECRET -

THE FASTEST WAY TO GET YEN IN THE NEW [UPDATE 8] Anime Fighters Simulator (Roblox) Code* SECRET

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It’s kind of a pay to win method, but definitely affordable :

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  1. No trading stay away do not come to the game f off

  2. i dont understand how ppl get so many shiny mythics. it blows my mind away. ive only gotten 1 shiny mythic in 500k opens and i own every gamepass with 8.5 luck. it makes me mad how i see so many ppl with them in a way but only because i bought everything and cant get what everyone else seems to have. earlier today i saw someone get to shiny mythic falcons back to back within 3 seconds of eachother. my best fighter is still adult gone sadly and i accumulated over 50tril yen so far. anyways congrats on ur nice new fighters i hope to get some good ones some day.

  3. Your damage is probably way higher than 12b lol

  4. Last night I afked at hxh and woke up with 7 shiny neteros

  5. I sent you a freind request pls help me i am a big fan

  6. Congrats on Sukuna, he looks cool

  7. oof I didn't grind yesterday bc I was sleeping lol so rip

  8. Go to my yt Alpha core to see the new shiny secret

  9. hey can you pray for me to get luck please

  10. Should I buy double yen or faster spin? I can’t choose

  11. I did not understand how to farm fast in this update

  12. How do you get a vip server to get the option to jump to floor 48?

  13. Yo if I’m barely at hunter x hunter map and I just got dark from the wheel so now my highest unit is dark at 1.5 million damage I just unlocked sao map and I have a secret that does 890k but besides that those are my 2 strongest ones I’m a free to play with 4 characters equippble is it better for me to just farm characters and fuse from sao or grind to 7.5 billion for bleach map?

  14. Youtubers only upload what they can Flex on they viewers showing off they things they can get and what other can’t get as fast as them

  15. I can’t even get hawks btw can you show how u can overnight hatch on ipad and mobile

  16. Thanks man this helped out a heap. Also do u think you can get in contact with me. My roblox account name is xXjesusboiX9

  17. whats the best way to get a secret i dont have one yet and im on newest map?

  18. i got drip heka in my second spin should i make video?

  19. what do that small roblox icon under spin do i dont have it

  20. great video toad i'm not strong or luck can you help me grind my user is santipoggers lol

  21. Hey my highest dps is 389 mil my figthers are shiny reaper 106 megame 112 another megame 111 and edge god 101 what boss should i farm? I really need help 🙁

  22. I'm late but congrats on 25k your halfway to 50k

  23. This boy toad Saving other peoples lives and making good content like woww!!!

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