The Fast And Furious Game is literally a JOKE.. -

The Fast And Furious Game is literally a JOKE..

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Did you say family

this Fast and Furious Crossroads game is dookie butter

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  1. This video funny af first time I saw it i had to sub my boy

  2. What do I record today hm how about the series you should continue

  3. Bro your edits are the best😭💀💀💀

  4. fade''s commentary is way better than this game smh

  5. Damn fade u should comeback when there is a new update at least. Im gonna miss family🥺

  6. fade can you make a series on watch dogs 2 or watch dogs legion

  7. I like how he said he was good at driving and then said he was terrible

  8. You should make a video of you trolling the military or become a fake or real one please

  9. Super garbage 🗑️, their taking people's money

  10. The game looks like a ps3 remastered game💀💀💀💀

  11. Bru I regret buying this and I said no refund policy

  12. "His face doesn't sound like his voice"

    Hmmmmm wonder who else that might be as well 🤨🤨*cough* cough fade

  13. i did bother asking for you to play it again
    (do not)

  14. Remember Jesus loves you and died on the cross for our sins

  15. Nahhh I’m fuccin crying this video is funny

  16. POV:your looking for someone with a Dom Toretto yt name

  17. You're a funny dude man… made my day at work 💪🏽

  18. Dom how did survive getting brutally beat by 100 dudes, fall down 20 stories of a building, getting shot at by snipers, nearly getting ran over by a semi truck, nearly drowning under water, a landmine, a submarine, a plane crashing on top of you, went to space without a space suit, and a nuclear missile

    Dom: because of family

  19. If only not for Family these cars have already blown from the very beginning.

  20. YOOO THE GRAPHOCS IS SOO GOOOD! Yoo τα γραφικά είναι τόσο καλά!

  21. Ngl fade the game was aight but yo7 was talking way to much tbh

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