The Best Free to Play ANIME MMORPGs to Play RIGHT NOW In 2021! -

The Best Free to Play ANIME MMORPGs to Play RIGHT NOW In 2021!

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The Best Free to Play ANIME MMORPGs to Play RIGHT NOW In 2021!
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There are several MMORPGs slated for release this year: Blue Protocol, TL Origin, Lost Ark, New World, PSO2 New Genesis. Yet even so, there are an alarmingly small number of Anime MMOs worth playing in 2021 currently. That’s where I come into this. Today, we’re going to go over my list of the 7 best Anime MMORPGs – completely free to play MMOs – that you should start if you’re a fan of the Anime genre but can’t seem to find anything to play.

MMORPGs in this list:
Phantasy Star Online 2:
Tree of Savior:
Dragon Nest:
Dungeon Fighter Online:


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Dragon Nest in 2020:


  1. What is the game that is being showed at the beginning, before the list?

  2. Character rebirthing was in Maplestory Private servers WAAAY BACK. I personally did not like it, especially on high rate servers, gets out of control real quick.

  3. I played Closers for like 1-2k hours. Definitely worth it.
    Tree of Savior was great experience 300 hours of pure enjoyment.
    Dungeon Fighter Online is like a Closers' father, I tried it out and it is really good.
    Phantasy Star Online 2 was unusual for me. Instead of actually playing I spent 30 hours in casino earning ton of credits and left the game haha.

  4. Mabinogi isnt entirely F2P…not when you have to buy the character cards in order to play the game..

  5. what game r u playing near the beginning of the video?

  6. My favorite Anime themed mmo rn
    Is PSO2
    So much content and the community is so welcoming to new and returning players

  7. anyone can help me about dungeon fighter online the sign up problem on the launcher

  8. What is that game shown during the give away explenation? It looks amazing!

  9. what is the game at the start and end of the video?

  10. Yo i play Mabnogi the game i wanna play right now though is Final Fantasy 14 cus i loooooooveeee Final Fantasy Specially Final Fantasy 7 but anyways yeah,only sad thing is,is that When i tried getting on Final Fantasy 14 it almost never accepted my sign up.

  11. I wanna play Dragon Raja so bad but I can't download it :l
    I also wanna play Aura Kingdom 2 but it closes everytime I open it :'l

    What is my life

  12. Ff xiv is japanese mmo. Don't see it as anime mmo 😂

  13. I dont consider ffxiv an anime mmorpg, but however i will say its one of the best if not the best mmorpg i have ever played, 15k+ hours, its alright.

  14. clearly doing it for the money. the game you show are trash boi

  15. I would be very happy if you could help me find or get the Sao game but the one that really focuses on Sao for free.
    The reason I want this game is that in fact sao was my first anime and thanks to this anime I started watching anime and actually playing video games.
    I have been dreaming for several years of getting stuck in a game like this, and playing a game is the closest way to getting stuck in it.
    Thank you so much for the video I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me.

  16. The first time I was able to fly in a game, was Perfect World International. The first time I was able to acquire a flying mount, was in a game called Jade Dynasty where they would give you a floating sword that you could stand and fly around on. Definitely interesting. I believe that was during 2010ish.

  17. Avoid PSO2 and NGS. Community is terribly bad and awful, deranged, delusional and is beyond lost grips with reality and the company's team is incompetent, very shady, and disgustingly bad decision making. I wasted 9 years with this game hoping it would be a better experience but was constantly let down like Megatron is with Starscream.

  18. I'm. Not subbed so I can't do the give away but people need to see this

    Grand fantasia may have been a sub par mmo however they are the only game I have played that has actually done a good necromancer class with multiple good looking summons as well as having the ability to buff party, debuff mobs and do decent dps

  19. man i miss Tree of Savior. i wish it as big and have alot hardcore fanbase like Ragnarok Online

  20. i need Dragon nest class,skill and gameplay + Genshin Impact Graphic + Tera Open world with dungeon run. in Ragnarok online universe. = best MMORPG of all time

  21. ahh Dragon Nest what a fucking era man. Brings back so many memories.

  22. Tales of Pirates!!! what a game!!! lots of fun back in that days XD

  23. I´m so extremly hyped for PSO2 NGS… Looking forward to the launch in a few days <3 I played the closed Beta for 24 Hours and had so much fun. Best MMORPG i ever played!

  24. Ffxiv , im a veteran player but quited couple years ago, would be interesting to see is it worth to go back.

  25. i love tree of saviour but i cant understand a single thing on that game lol. It still feels so confusing for me

  26. Flyff! I didn't expect to see that game. I played it in high school, I'm almost 30 now

  27. I just want to know which game is the best as far as anime go

  28. Whats the mmorpg That is in the Intro with the pistols ?

  29. i need an anime mmo where i can actually customize my characters gear and clothes not just hair and be stuff with the same outfit forever

  30. Incredible that the majority of the MMO are so old and outdated. There you can see that Asian devs only develop anime MMORPG for mobile.

  31. Im excited for Tower of Fantasy to come out tbh!

  32. Can anyone please tell me what game is being shown at the start of the video?

  33. am I missing something? what's the first game? That you only have video for

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