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The Anime Only True Gamers Watch.

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  1. Greetings from China bilibili website ,many bilibili fans like you

  2. my chinese teacher showed my class the live version lol wtf

  3. I refuse to watch Chinese anime, it’s just a bunch of communists stealing the ideas of the Japanese so they can continue to fund their genocide

  4. Sad Fact:No matter how big the anime industry gets there will still be people who will call anime as "cartoons"

  5. I'm upset that this wasn't a Hi Score Girl sequel announcement and also feel misrepresented…

  6. i watched the live action of king's avatar and that was awsome ngl

  7. 3:36
    The answer to this is when Shadow the hedgehog's clone gave the response, "That just makes you a beta cuck."

  8. The only thing that kinda keeps me away from chinese or korean anime, is the sub. As stupid as that sounds, If it woud have a japanese dub, I would dig it. But listen to a korean or chinese anime character is so out of place for me, that it is the same feeling non-anime watcher have seeing japanese dubbed anime. But good video tho 😀

  9. Wow, got this video randomly appear in youtube recommended. I was hoping I can find a new anime to watch. Turned out that you gonna be talking about my favourite anime. Ok, I am not disappointed 😀

  10. After so many years of watching anime only in Japanese, it is so hard to watch an anime with Chinese voice acting…

  11. The only reason I'm not watching this show is cos of the language. I'm not use to Chinese language in anime, it sounds odd and it's distracting.

  12. Do gigguk know that mobile legend is a copy of league of legend and they filed a law suit to mobile legends

  13. One of the more under appreciated animes out there, thank you for covering it Gigguk! 😄

  14. Don't worry I did stop plying League… now Tarkov kicks my balls.

  15. Sees title
    Hm, I wonder if there's another show they've found like King's Avatar?


  16. I love the cut to Core A Gaming music in this haha

  17. as soon as he said league i punched my desk am typing this with my left hand my right hand feels a lot of spain without the "s"

  18. I fucking loved this anime years ago when it came out, and even more the specials, they were just bad ass…

  19. At least you only play league. I play dota 2 and I hate me.

  20. They can make the clicking intense if they made it look like Gunz. Imagine starcraft broodwar level apm with fighting game yomi with FPS accuracy in clicking along with rhythm game timing required.

  21. 8:16 – "Door into Summer" from Knuckles Chaotix
    8:51 – "Infinity Mijinion (Weapon Center)" from Mega Man X6
    Anyone recognize any other BGM?

  22. I’m grateful this show put Chinese anime on my radar, VERY underrated

  23. I want to inform everyone that there is a movie too of this anime. Which you should definitely watch as it has the backstory of our main character and very good (both visually and characterization wise). If you see my comment be sure to write one too because the movie is cannon too. It's a pretty emotional movie and I just want everyone who is interested in this anime to watch it. As for where: You should watch it after season 1 but if don't want to you can watch it anytime. Just be sure to watch it because it has fmc character development too.

  24. I recommend you read overgeared, the Korea web novel, it's very good and it's very big on esports after a couple chapters

  25. Yo the fighting in the first few scenes were a hundred times better than the seven deadly sins last fight

  26. "Stop playing league of legends"
    … No.

  27. I read the novel of The King's Avatar years ago and it was AMAZING! It's one of the most popular novels in China. Compared to the original novel, the anime version is OK, but the live-action remake is a piece of shit, fans hated it.

  28. Gigguk should review a league of legend anime

  29. bruh i watched season 1 and loved it….. didnt even know that ss2 existed lol

  30. Nani?!?! I didn't expect that sponsor
    But yes i do play both games

  31. Hey, are you a gamer? Then mobile…

    Imma stop you right there. That word is an immediate dead on arrival.

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