The Anime Fighter That Rocked The World - Guilty Gear Esports -

The Anime Fighter That Rocked The World – Guilty Gear Esports

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Guilty Gear is an anime-style fighting game franchise by Arc System Works.

Correction: At 4:33 Under Night was developed by French Bread, the creators of Melty Blood with Arcsys as the publisher. We did a re-record after catching this mistake, but the files were mixed up during the editing process.

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  1. The holy grail of fighting games
    (In my opinion)

  2. damn i barely play fighting games every since MVC series, but this looks gooooood. may have to pick it up

  3. "This game will unlock in approximately 11 hours"

    ~ Steam

  4. Been a GG fan since the original one back in the ps1 days!

  5. Good that everyone is eager to smell the game.

  6. most fighting game players: dude the connection is so good im so hyped i cant wait
    intelectual fighting game players: ramlethals thighs are so fucking massive they had to have been hit by an entire lightning storm

  7. When you showed the guy celebrating before he won, I could hear "WHAT ARE YOU STANDING UP FOR"

  8. I'm sorry but…. fuck Strive, seriously fuck this game, this game's the antithesis of everything Guilty Gear was about, play a couple of matches in Strive then go back and play XRD right after, you will understand what I'm talking about.

  9. I don't really like fighting games where the moves themselves are physically hard to execute. Not because the timing is hard or something but because it just takes a large amount of dexterity. It is just a massive barrier to focus and immersion as I need to keep concentrating on the controller rather than the character on screen.

  10. How did you make a video about Guilty Gear… and then mention Persona Arena over Blaz freakin Blue?

  11. How they make 3D sytem look 2D need to be implemented in anime unlike 2016 berserk does.
    The only 3D anime i like probably sousei no kuni

  12. Woshige is still asked what he's standing up for.

  13. This is the only Anime fighting game franchise I really enjoy

  14. Bruh ive been playing gg games since ggxx and honestly cant wait to get strive once its on sale

  15. Okay, for someone who plays Tekken 7 and SFV, I've been wanting to get into a more aggressive game. Is this worth it?

  16. Good is not realy a word id use to describe the original PS1 game. Fun maybe but in a kusoge kind of way.
    You could combo in to IK and the game was plagued by infinites. And when your character drops to 50% hp you could do infinity supers and some of them ware nonpunishable.
    Id compare the game to something like SF rainbow edition.

  17. Ark-system made Blazblue but only published Under night. Under night was made by the Melty blood developers.

  18. I've never seen this game, but the intro deadass sent shivers down my spine holy-

  19. Guilty Gear is the one that's different. That's why I play it.

  20. Is it really an anime fighter if it isn't based on an anime nor in an anime style?

  21. I dont like ads but that first ad placement was fucking perfect

  22. It's a completely different game now, but it's a good one.

  23. Ok y'all convinced me, I'm going to buy it. BUT if the online dies in a year imma be pissed.

  24. An Eternal red dragon-man having a family drama with his blue son-in-law.

  25. 01:09 i'm sorry but Daisuke is pronounce as Dais-K.. The U is silent. And the K is pronounce as the alphabet K..😇

  26. I remember playing GG X and GG Isuka as a kid using my neighbor's Old HP laptop. Damn I fell in love with it. Didn't even know that it's an anime. 😂

  27. It angers me that it isn't on Xbox but it's on PC

  28. Yep GG and BB is the most badass fighting games.

  29. 🤩 I really want to play guilty gear strive but 😭 I only have a phone

  30. So, I suck at fighterZ. I used to play a decent bit of mk9. Now I play smash ultimate. This game looks dope as hell but I'm not sure if it I'd like fit in. I saw it and the art style is really intriguing and playstyles are also really intriguing. Basically what I'm getting at is this a game I'd be accepted into and want to play? Considering I mainly play smash rn.

  31. Hirohiko Araki: Created an anime inspired by legendary western rock and roll bands
    Daisuke Ishiwatari: Created a video game inspired by legendary western rock and roll bands

    Both became well known and successful.

  32. Wait, It’s fucking 3D?
    Aight, I think I found a new studio to simp for.

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