Surprise Game Announcement, New Pokémon Anime, Game Boy on NSO? | NINTENDO NEWS ROUNDUP -

Surprise Game Announcement, New Pokémon Anime, Game Boy on NSO? | NINTENDO NEWS ROUNDUP

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It’s the week’s biggest Nintendo news stories and the Arlopinions that accompany them! In this edition: September Nintendo Direct rumors are a-swirlin’; Game Boy games might be coming to Nintendo Switch Online; Nintendo announces a new Big Brain Academy; Pokemon announces a new anime; and like probably some other stuff too but I’m too tired to remember.

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“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.


  1. I swear that doug bowser clip is in more roundups than switch rumours

  2. I dont like the true anime style. I love the cartoon anime style if you know what i mean

  3. I just want GBA on my switch. I will pay for it. For god's sake, I will pay for each game. Wtf is Nintendo thinking?! They could be making so much more money with almost zero effort. Give us the games you already have from almost 20 years ago

  4. A more unique / story driven Pokémon anime would be so awesome!! I’ve always wanted them to adapt the Pokémon adventures manga into an anime. I really like the more story driven, serious ish tone of those books. The characters are awesome too they have way more personality than ash does nowadays

  5. Over half of this was Pokémon… again 💀

  6. 0:12 There are so many rumors swirling about, Bowser had to pantomime such with his hands.

  7. To those that don't know, Labyrinth is a neat little board game. You have a large grid of tiles showing pieces of a maze, and one more tile than goes into the grid. On your turn you physically push the extra tile into the grid itself, shifting the tiles in that row and popping out the tile on the opposite end of that row. You then get to move your pawn to a space anywhere the path in the maze is connected to. Stop on a picture to collect that treasure. First player to collect all the treasure and return to your home space win.
    Labyrinth is just not as well known, but they have been about for a long time sitting on the shelf next to the monopoly and candy land games. New themes are just as common as well.

  8. Would love to also see "Netflix coming to Switch" 🤣. I am fine with Hulu but damn it I want Netflix
    Edit: OMG Labyrinth is a game my grandmother has and all my siblings love to play it but grandma never does because she thinks the moving maze is stupid

  9. I'm aware of the whole Gameboy to Nintendo Switch thing and PokéDex into a DS.
    The Poké Ball thing is interesting.
    And you're welcome.

  10. God why even bother with NSO at this point? The console is halfway dead. At this point in the 3DS’ lifespan I’d beaten every single legend of Zelda GBA game.

  11. Those Brawl game demos got me into Virtual Console. It’s because of them and the Wii that I got to understand what 90’s kids were talking about.

  12. Petition for Arlo to add Timestamps to his Nintendo News Roundups.

  13. I legit can’t understand how Nintendo has put countless games from previous consoles on the virtual console store in the past, but absolutely neglects NSO from having staple titles….let alone new ones like the Gameboy family or N64.

  14. Iwonder if NSO will have Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon that willl be transferable to SW/SH or BD/SP.

  15. I want to be able to play Pokémon Emerald on Switch

  16. Arlo, next time you need to report on the upcoming restoration of the Luigi's Mansion beta by portable productions!

  17. Gameboy on NSO would be SIGNIFICANTLY worse than nothing on NSO, because it would mean we're never going to get N64

  18. No one made time stamps in the comments for the news in the video?

    Fine I’ll do it myself!

    Beginning of the video: Possible Nintendo Direct

    1:23 Gameboy games may be coming to NSO (not confirmed) (only a rumor)

    2:32 New Pokemon Anime Series titled “Pokemon Evolutions”

    3:54 New Big Brain Academy

    4:44 Niantic Games released a statement about Pokemon Go

    5:59 Wand Company making Pokeball Merchandise

    6:32 Pokémon Company filled trademarks for Time Gazer & Space Juggler

    6:50 Ditto Chair

    7:00 Mario Pajamas

    7:18 Mario Board-game

    7:37 New WarioWare Gameplay

    8:10 Harada’s Bar with Masahiro Sakurai

    8:50 MayTree video

    9:17 Modder added Mario Kart tracks into Microsoft Flight Simulator

    9:29 Dude turns a Pokédex toy into a DS

    9:44 Dude makes a Pokemon Snap Controller

    9:55 There is a way to play some Nintendo games in Super Smash Bros Brawl

  19. You have the best news update videos of all Nintendo YouTubers. You always include stuff others don’t talk about. Keep it up my dude 😎

  20. I would like to watch pokemon anime, but after 20+ years I have enought Ash and Team Rocket adventures.

  21. You know what would be cooler? …Just releasing the full NES/SNES libraries already. (So I don't have to keep pirating them.)

  22. 9:02 Muốn feel thì Khói, chill tìm Đen Vâu. Thích em thì nói hổng chừng iu nhauuu.

  23. Don’t be a fool: when people in power say after you complain that ‘they’ll listen now’, they have absolutely no intention of doing so, it’s just a pacifier.

  24. I honestly don’t know why SO MANY people expect Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online to come out before GameBoy (Colo(u)r) Nintendo Switch Online.

  25. “Aight we’re gonna give you ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’ ‘Titus the Fox: to Marrakech and back’ and ‘Bubble bobble’ for GBC and for GB we’re gonna give you ‘Tetris’ and ‘Mortal Kombat for the game boy’”
    ~Nintendo as they scrape the bottom of the barrel so hard you can hear their nails digging into the wood.

  26. On the most recent indie world I saw comments about who they wanted for the next smash reveal, and Mario kart 9

  27. Respect for your editor's name displayed here. Editors don't get enough credit and this is awesome!

  28. You really should get labyrinth, I remember playing it as a kid and having a great time playing it.

  29. I will scream if the GameBoy rumors come to fruition!!!


  31. When considering Nintendo, expected the expected due to the unexpected.

  32. If those die/dye cast poke balls are around in the next year or two then I might eventually pick them up.

  33. Either we are getting more emulators or it's talking about the NES, SNES, Famicom, and Super Famicom

  34. Arlo? More like Grover from Sesame Street 😎

  35. I randomly showed up to Savestate’s channel and watched him beat it, epic win.

  36. still waiting for N64 games on Switch, and not on the online thingy, games i can buy please!

  37. I think Savestates pronouns are they/them not he/him

  38. I saw the tumbnail and I was like WHAT?!

    I expected better from you, Arlo. No clickbait

  39. WarioWare Get it Together is crazy. There are 200 micro games and then 20 characters. If you consider the characters different enough to make new games out of, then the game kinda has 4000 microgames!

  40. Would you make a video on Mario Labyrinth? because that would be cool

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