SUPER SAIYAN 4 GOHAN (SSJ4) Transformation Anime Cutscene, Super 18, New Towa - Dragon Ball Heroes -

SUPER SAIYAN 4 GOHAN (SSJ4) Transformation Anime Cutscene, Super 18, New Towa – Dragon Ball Heroes

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Animated cutscene of the new Towa, Super 17 absorbing 18 and transformation of Gohan into Super Saiyan 4 (SSJ4) in Dragon Ball Heroes! Dragon Ball Heroes is a virtual card game in Japan. You buy Dragon Ball cards at stores in Japan and put them in a Dragon Ball Heroes arcade machine to play. Subscribe for more Dragon Ball


  1. ¿Como se transforma si para el ssj4 se necesita cola y despues aparece de la nada…?

  2. No that’s super 51 bc 17 +17 + 18 = 51 so that’s super 51

  3. I hope this is another universe. Called it the LAST TIME LINE where trunks wish for all the orginal sayains back. No goten.. but everyone there and Gohan gets back his arm

  4. …. why doesnt anybody make a semi official ssj5 aaaaagh

    days like these is when i wish toyotaro could just make it happen

  5. Cuando un juego de dragon ball quiere mas a gohan que las series

  6. Jesus is coming soon He loves u and died for u pls turn to Him

  7. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Gohan: Fahter you might have ssj blue but i have ssj4!

  9. As a Gohan fan, I really like this.
    Now if only they'd make this an official anime scene. It would certainly make up for the sucky role Gohan's been having since the Cell Saga ended. Lately, it's been nothing but Goku and Vegeta getting all the spotlight and new transformations. I want to see Gohan get a new transformation and more screen time in future series (if they have any).

  10. Weird how Gohan didn't become a Golden Great Ape before going SSJ4 like Goku and Vegeta did, isn't it?

  11. this sucks
    why did they make a non cannon series that makes no sense at all
    how can gohan,vegeta and goku turn ss4 without a tail come on now

  12. Imagine if Gohan transformed into SSJ4 instead of his potential unleashed form during tournament of power

  13. Those freaking highlights in the super saiyan hair makes it look like plastic

  14. Woow mis respetos para dicha transformación enserio Jejje.
    Saludos 🇨🇴❤️

  15. This is the worst shoe ever because it has no funny moments

  16. Kid was about to step in like he’s going to do something

  17. Dream 💭 come true if that happens atleast he can give goku blue a tuff fight

  18. Even tho it’s not canon it still proves that gohan still has a lot of potential Ik people are giving up on gohan in dbs but his power is triggered by anger and he was finding a way to tap into his power by without using anger by training with the Kai although he doesn’t know his power the kais do if gohan was to get mad enough or just started training again he would probably be on goku and vegeta level and before people start coming for me vegeta has stated more than once that if gohan was training that he would be as strong as goku he even said he has the most potential out of any of the sayian s

  19. So i kind of have had a theory for a long time about goku and vegetas eye color when going ssj4
    But this clip right here almost completely proves it. So Goku and Gohan both have the yellow eye
    If u ask me this means they obtained the form with natural means. Whereas vegeta's was gained artificially and not only that he was supposedly only able to use that form once.

  20. 有些事不是卡通做一做就真以為他自己辦的到的

  21. Fernando Nieto♡ (Soy Fan De DB y LN❤) says:

    Super Saiyan Gohan Goes Ssj4😱 0:48

  22. Kishimoto, please make konohamaru relevant again

    And toriyama, please make gohan relevant again

  23. gohan don’t have ssj4 that means super saiyan 4 for short

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