Shoujo City 1.6 (Android anime game) -

Shoujo City 1.6 (Android anime game)

Shoujo City
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Version 1.6 introduces polygonal graphics and a new animation system for dating scenes.


  1. How did you manage to add polygonal graphics in this game? I wanted to do a Dating Sim like this, but I didn't find any tutorial or source.

  2. Nice video although I am still deciding whether or not I want to play this.

  3. Overall, this game is pretty bad.

    The interaction between the player and characters is very limited, there are only 3 characters in total besides the player, dialogue isn't very diverse and feels very samey, dialogue lacks options, mini-games seem to cut no slack whatsoever, there isn't a whole lot to do in general besides walk around and stare at the sprite work in between dates with the clones, and even then, the world is incredibly small and lackluster.
    Even shopkeepers share sprites. I know it shouldn't be important but in a game this small and so full of nothing, it sort of feels like a lack of effort was even put in.
    Not only does this game lack feeling, it keeps potentially helpful items from players by locking money gain behind a pay wall.
    That isn't just greedy, but it hinders the player when you have very few gift options as it is.

    I'm not paying for a half-baked piece of shit, as it is, this game shouldn't even be worth more than a few cents. It has potential, I'll give it that, but the creator doesn't seem to care and instead seems to try to make a quick buck.
    Video games should be labors of love, make something you'll enjoy, that others will enjoy, put actual effort and your own creative vision into it. Maybe then I'll pay for the game.

    Until then, it's going to stay uninstalled.

  4. she looks like my friend when I was just after she died

  5. I dont't understand nothing this is a lesbian game? : |

  6. What do you need to click for dressing yourself up? Idk the controls. (sorry if its bad english, im spanish.

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