Saints Row Reboot - Reveal Trailer | gamescom 2021 -

Saints Row Reboot – Reveal Trailer | gamescom 2021

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Get a first look at the brand new Saints Row reboot in this cinematic reveal trailer, shown during gamescom 2021. This Saints Row remake is more of a reboot, as it doesn’t follow the story of any previous Saints Row game. Saints Row release date is February 2022.

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  1. Nice. The hardened criminals are femboys that are just gonna cancel enemies

  2. All im seeing in the comments are a bunch of privileged white kids complaining about diversity.. when the franchise has always been diverse.

  3. [_now_i_am_become_defunct,_ejaculator_of_spunk_] says:

    Hold on, why does the title say "Saints Row," but the video is clearly from Fortnite?

  4. This is so Hollywood last year… ''Let's reboot stuff only in name''

  5. The original Saint Rows gang would meet these guys like: Yeah, we would like 4 lattes and 2 mokas, keep the change.

  6. This is not Saints Row! Is this Fortnite?! Disney?! F you for not going back to the real roots.

  7. People that compares gta with saints row ARE SO DUMB

  8. Oh well, look like a nice reboot for the new generation

  9. Where's literally any of the Saints from past games?

  10. Change or update these characters look and dialog. Remove the idols and the watchdog helments and this game will be great

  11. modders dream the movie where they are sent to hell inside a pc and there friends have to save them
    the trailer is gory as hell , one modder chick gets crashed to death by a big pc fan

  12. Please don't give it the Saints Row title. Please don't massacre my boy like they did Carlos.

  13. DID ANYONE apart from me notice eli on his phone their seems to be all four main charectors, soo what iam thinking you gonna be able to switch charectors like gta 5.

  14. man even the deckers look better now compared to these journalists

  15. Characters looked like they do tutorials on photo editing with smartphone apps.

  16. Not sure why the down votes? Looks alright to me.

  17. Who needs games when we have gender and sexual diversity, racial diversity and women's empowerment.

  18. It’s sad to be able to see one of my favorite franchises die

  19. This makes fortnite looks like Wolfenstein…….

  20. LOL the burger king kid's club take on the Sturmabteilung LOL.

  21. I'm kind of surprised to see everyone so upset at this trailer. Wasn't the og series about a diverse cast of young adults in a street gang? Yeah it's got vibes closer to the sequels but idk why y'all are so mad.

  22. Did they get confused and mix up the titles for watchdogs 3 and saints row?

  23. Saints Row without Sasha Gray isn't Saints Row.

  24. maybe itll be okay, ill give it a chance

  25. They just don't make games like they used to anymore

  26. If you don't want to make the game reminiscent of the previous ones then go make a new IP and F*** off

  27. Characters are a big joke, who exactly is the target audience for this? Wannabe gangsters, the game is what you should be naming this game and not taint the Saints Row name.

  28. Excited to see a reboot version of SR..My former HS firend put on the Saints Row fransince.

  29. Excited to see a reboot version of SR..My former HS firend put on the Saints Row fransince.

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